Health and Wellness


On the propitious date of April 6th, 2024, Shalom Hills International School orchestrated an enlightening Health Talk on Eye Care, held within the esteemed confines of the school auditorium from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This enriching discourse was attended by a total of 66 educators hailing from both the Primary and Middle wings of the institution. Drtn. Abhishek Aneja, Club Director of New Generation (Rotary Club Dist. 3011), graced the occasion as the esteemed guest, welcomed with green embellishments in the form of planters.
Guided by the expertise of renowned ophthalmologist, Dr. Neeraj Sanduja, Director of Viaan Eye and Retina Centre, the session delved into prevalent eye ailments among children and the ramifications of pervasive digital technology on ocular health.
Dr. Sanduja meticulously expounded upon common ocular conditions afflicting children, ranging from myopia and hyperopia to astigmatism and amblyopia (commonly known as lazy eye). Moreover the educators were furnished with pragmatic insights on discerning telltale signs of ocular distress in students, such as frequent squinting, eye rubbing, complaints of headaches or blurred vision, and declining academic performance.
The latter segment of the presentation was dedicated to elucidating the pernicious effects of prolonged screen exposure on children's ocular well- being, encompassing digital eye strain, dry eyes, and heightened susceptibility to myopia progression.
By arming educators with this invaluable knowledge, it is envisaged that early detection and preventive measures will be seamlessly integrated into the educational milieu, ultimately fostering enhanced ocular health outcomes for students.


An online Adolescent Peer Educator Programme was conducted by CBSE from March 12th to March 16th, 2024. The school counsellors and four students of grade XII attended the programme which comprised sessions structured around eight modules, delivered through engaging PowerPoint presentations, interactive activities and videos. It offered students insight into various life skills relevant to their everyday experiences.
The programme featured varied themes to prevent the students from becoming disinterested. Theme 1: Introduction -the journey from core life skills to 21st- century skills Theme 2: focused on building resilience for coping and capacity building, emphasizing stress management, positive affirmation, self-care, real-life connections, and recovery methods from trauma and adversity. Theme 3: Growing Up Healthy, accentuated the importance of nutrition and hygiene for the overall well-being. Theme 4: family bonding and caring communication and highlighted the role of families, responsibilities, and the importance of family bonding in adolescence.
Theme 5: discussed the importance of healthy emotional expression, dealing with anger, loss, and sadness. Theme 6: explored the importance of healthy interpersonal relationships with peers, including concepts like stonewalling and defensiveness, and their impact on our lives. Theme 7: explored the digital world, disconnect from reality, the dark side, cyber security, online gaming fraud, and creating better passwords for a safer digital experience. Theme 8: was on making effective career choices, and integrating the life skills approach. It discusses the difference between job and career, ambition and reality, and conflicts between career expectations and passion.
Overall, the programme not only empowered the participants with essential life skills but also instilled in them a sense of confidence, resilience, and readiness to face the complexities of the 21st century. It serves as a testament to the commitment of CBSE towards the holistic development of students, fostering a generation equipped to thrive in an ever-evolving world.


Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.
-Alexander Graham Bell

The Health & Wellness department of senior wing organized a workshop on Examination stress and Coping strategies for senior grade students from 12th Feb to 21th February. The aim of the workshop was to reduce stress faced by students during exam time. The points covered during the workshop were: What does exam stress feel like? Why studying for exams can be a challenging task and stressful experience and coping strategies to reduce stress. During the interactive session, the students shared their opinions on why they get nervous and panic. To reduce the pressure, they were guided to organize the material and space of studying, not to procrastinate, maintain proper revision schedules, use self-test methods and rate their own performance, and not to study for long hours. To make the study easier, they were advised to make use of mnemonics, flow charts, highlighting of important points, mind maps, chunking & skimming. To counter excessive anxiety they may create an examination environment at home by wearing school uniform and appearing for a 3hrs examination. At the end of the session the students were encouraged to work hard, stay focused and do well in the Annual Examination.


A Health talk on Cervical Cancer Awareness was attended by the team of Health & Wellness department of Shalom Hills International School at Paras Hospital, Gurugram. On the occasion of Cervical Cancer Awareness month, the opening speech was given by Dr. Col R Ranga Rao- Chairman, Paras Cancer Centre. Many renowned doctors from the field of Oncology and the faculties of medical & health department participated in the talk. Dr Indu Bansal- Group Director & HOD, Radiation Oncology and Dr Seema Sharma- Associate Director, Obstetrics & Gynaecology facilitated the talk on the causes of cancer, its important facts, symptoms and its prevention techniques. Cervical cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths among the women in the world and second in India. Another discussion was on Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that is the necessary cause of cervical cancer - 99.7%. 9 in 10 cases in Cervical Cancer can be prevented with regular pap tests, following up on any abnormal results, by getting vaccinated, avoiding smoking, good genital hygiene and safe sex. Apart from Cervical Cancers, Ovarian cancer, Vulval cancer and Endometrial cancer were also part of the discussion. It has also been advised to change the lifestyle to lower the risk of cancer. Super foods such as “G-BOMS” - Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds - Vitamins and Citrus Fruits were recommended. Take Home Message - According to the ‘2020 WHO Global Strategy’, HPV Vaccines should be included in all National Immunisation Programs and should reach 90% of all Girls by the age of 15 by year 2030. HPV Vaccination is a primarily prevention and does not eliminate the need for screening later in life. Special mention of participation of team from Shalom Hills School was also mentioned and appreciated.


Shalom Hills International School has always believed in inculcating a positive and healthy mindset in its students at the right age. Hammering home the mindset, a very enlightening workshop on Puberty , health and hygiene was organized for the young girls of grades V, VI & VII. The workshop was conducted by Ms Sania Azim- a student wellbeing trainer from Right Ride Story in collaboration with Whisper India Campaign.
The session made them aware about certain physical changes that happen internally and externally and how to cope and adapt with the changes. Puberty can be confusing and an awkward time for girls. Most children begin to experience large growth spurts around the age of eleven. Girls were guided about the onset of menstruation, a sign of normal, healthy reproductive process that often occurs close to the age of thirteen. Girls were advised not to panic or get worried and seek correct information from the guardians, parents, teachers or counsellors and to not depend on media that may lead to misleading and wrong information.
At the end, girls were guided on how to maintain personal hygiene and to monitor the menstruation cycle by maintaining a diary or marking through calendar. The inquisitive girls expressed their fears, doubts and anxieties in the Q/A round.


The Health & Wellness department of Shalom Hills International School , senior wing celebrated the World Mental Health Day with great passion and enthusiasm emphasizing the fact ‘Mental Health is a universal Human right’ through a plethora of class activities and special assembly on October 10 ,2023. The aim was to spread mindfulness and sensitize the children about having a good mental health also along with physical. An art based activity conducted in grade VI was on Life in My Hand-self- esteem in which the students made the cut-outs of their hand and wrote positive affirmations showcasing their strengths. They showed their creative and artistic skills. The role play on Break the Silence-Abuse and Memories Matters- walk Away Alzheimer’s was performed by grades VII & VIII during the special assembly. They delivered a beautiful role play highlighting verbal abuse and also the need to be sensitive to old people and the snags allied with old age.
The initiative was much appreciated by everyone.


"Your mental health is just as important as your physical health."
Instilling confidence in every student and making them realise that each and every individual has the right to cultivate a mind that is secure, healthy, and joyful ,Shalom Hills International School in accordance with CBSE guidelines organised several class activities like poster making , role plays and dance performances on 9 th and 10 th October in the school premises.
A special assembly was conducted on the theme- Mental Health is a Universal Human Right. Students of grades IX & X performed a role paly on The Edge of 18- Adolescent Problems & Challenges. Grade XI performed an assembly on to break the tag line- What is and what is not Anxiety while grade XII students showcased a dance performance on Darkness to Light- Managing Failure and Rejection . Through the activities and presentations the enthusiastic perpetrators would have definitely made the audiences cognizant of the importance of respecting each other's perspectives and emotions.
It is generally believed that when students act as moderators to effect social change, they learn from and emulate their peers. The initiative was much appreciated by the students and teachers alike.

Counselling & Wellbeing Programme in SHIS

During the academic years, students all around the world experience emotional stress. Increased academic competition, demands to get higher grades, interpersonal connection problems, and lack of career guidance are some of the stressors that students encounter nowadays. And life has a curious way of destroying our best-laid plans, adding to the stress that students suffer. When combined, counselling and therapy are incredibly efficient at assisting students in navigating difficult situations. Through expert counselling and counselling services, the counselling and wellbeing Cell hopes to equip students to address these issues effectively. With the goal of addressing and resolving emotional and psychological concerns of student population, the school has the "Counselling Cell" in the school campus which includes the school counsellors. It focuses on recognizing and nurturing the unique potentials that each learner possesses.

Key functions of counselling department includes:

  • The goal of the Health and Wellbeing department is to help students study, work, and grow personally while adhering to the highest professional standards and quality measures possible within the constraints of available resources.
  • The Health and Wellbeing department is dedicated to provide accessible, high- quality, confidential counselling and support to all students within the institution in a compassionate and responsive manner. The counselling is provided in the context of the School's commitment to equitable opportunities, expanding access to higher education, and matching educational provision to the requirements of individual students.
  • We try to improve children's mental well-being while also catering to their academic, social, and overall well-being while keeping the four foundation pillars in mind. The following describes how we deliver our school mental health services.

1. Workshops for Students
At our school, we deal with students on an individual and group basis. Throughout the academic year, our staff provides students with support, advice, nurturing, and resources. The goal of this individual session is to detect mental health disorders as early as possible. This helps to break down stigma barriers and makes it more comfortable for the child to seek support from a counsellor in times of distress.

2. Programs for Teacher Education
We offer teacher training programs that assist instructors understand mental health, various mental health issues in children, and how to deal with emotional distress in children and provide emotional first aid.

3. Parent Engagement Programs
We offer a variety of parent education programs, such as stress decoding, the value of self- care, and constructive parenting, as well as knowledge of various mental health disorders among young children and adolescents. This provides parents with coping techniques for both themselves and their children.

4. Preventive measures- (Life skill classes)
We hold Life skill classes for students as a preventive strategy. In the classroom and/or group settings, the curriculum delivers developmental and sequential courses and activities that address student growth in personal/social domains. The subjects for the sessions are determined and planned depending on the results of the need assessment. Bullying, self- esteem, coping with emotions, coping with stress, effective communication, jealousy, and relationships are among the topics covered.

We help the children with PWD- Persons with Disabilities, informal assessment by the experienced counsellors and diagnostic evaluation through referrals and providing the help through special education classes and exemptions/relaxations as per CBSE guidelines.


To create a safe and healthy environment and to equip the students with the right knowledge at right time, Health and Wellness department took an initiative by taking the workshop with the students of grade X on Substance Abuse. The workshop was conducted by the Senior Counsellor of the school.
As said addiction is a disease that starts in childhood and adolescence and young bodies are more immune and prone to get impacted by the frequent consumption of substance. The counselor helped them to differentiate between the drug/illicit drugs, substance dependence/tolerance and its withdrawal which has negative social, physical and psychological consequences. It may range from mild tremors to convulsions, severe agitation and sometimes death. The factors teenagers take to drugs are due to curiosity, wrong negative influence, low self esteem, poorer academic achievement or drop outs, to pose like an adult, lack of family support, broken familie's, poor socio economic status, keenness to earn money by selling it illegally. It's short term and long term effects were discussed in detail. Children were taught about Assertive Communication skills and the focus was on refusal techniques and how to resist the negative peer pressure by saying 'No'.
The students were encouraged to talk, express feelings and seek help from trustworthy adults for problem resolutions. The workshop served as an essential platform for learning, sharing, and inspiring action against drug abuse. It is a significant step toward creating a society that is informed, proactive, and united in the fight against this critical issue.

Grades IV-V Health Awareness Workshop Report July18 2023

'Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions.'

In the light of the above dictum, a health awareness workshop took place on 18 th July to equip the students with invaluable knowledge and to empower them to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Cornitos company organized an energy boosting and a healthy lifestyle workshop for Shalomites of Grades IV and V on 18 th July. Ms. Yashika Bajaj, a renowned Communication Specialist spread the message beautifully through her tips and simple routine practices for students on adapting to a healthy way of living.
The workshop was a perfect blend of activities and beneficial wellness ideas followed by healthy savoury to quench the student's munchy cravings. Students were shown an advertisement of Cornitos Crusties and made to shake their bodies to the beats of Chimp Dance as depicted in the advertisement, which was thoroughly enjoyed by them.
Through the execution of the workshop, students delved into the essential elements of a healthy lifestyle, exploring the significance of physical fitness, nutrition, mental well- being and more. The series of fun activities well demonstrated to the learners the importance of incorporating healthy habits into their daily routine.

Webinar on Project CACA Prevention of Child Abuse-Non Teaching Staff May 22, 2023

A webinar, under the Project CACA, was organized for the Non–teaching faculty of SHIS. It was conducted by Ms Famia, an Advocacy Ambassador, who has done Masters in social work and has keen interest in women’s and child rights issues. She is working on implementing various government policies on Gender justice and right to education. The webinar started with the video on KOMAL which was adjudged the Best Educational Film in the 62 nd National Film Festival. The staff was sensitized about young children being more susceptible to physical and sexual abuse. Ms Famia talked about the POCSO-(Protection of Children from Sexual offences) Act-2012 guidelines and JJ Act in detail. She said that people should not be reluctant in reporting the crime against children & should come forward in helping the children against such abuses. She told them the difference between POCSO and Indian Penal Code. She also helped the attendees to understand the difference between heinous crime, serious crime and petty crimes under POCSO by giving various examples. She said that POCSO courts are the fast track courts in managing and helping the children against sexual abuse. The much acknowledged efforts were put forth by the school in educating the non-teaching faculty on how to prevent child abuse.


The project CACA- Children against Child Abuse in association with the Fortis- Mental Health Department of Behavioral Science organized the webinar for the teaching faculty of Shalom Hills International School on Bully to Buddy- its Prevention and Intervention. The webinar was conducted by the Clinical Psychologist- Ms Stuti Sood. Ms Stuti said, Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves real or perceived power of imbalance. To prevent bullying, at School level- safe, supportive environment is required by creating and implementing school wide policies on Anti-Bullying, to form an Anti-Bullying Squad to facilitate smooth operation, to identify bully spots within school premises where bullying is likely to happen, to monitor and supervise regularly with squad. It is important to educate students about bullying through awareness programs, organize and encourage expression through creative media, drama, performance, poster making, debates, storytelling etc. At classroom level- to create opportunities for students to connect, organize student engagement activities around bullying, facilitate group discussion during free periods, and teach empathy & acceptance of differences among students. The psychologist ended the session with the Q/A round was much appreciated by the teachers.

Anti-Bullying Squad (VI-VIII) Activities February 6-8, 2023

Initiated by the Health & Wellness department, the Anti-Bullying Squad of senior wing proactively participated in various activities to control bullying. The squad visited all the sections of VI, VII & VIII to sensitize the children about the harmful impact of Bullying.

Through role plays & enactment, the squad highlighted the important aspects of bullying like verbal aggression, physical conflicts and cyber bullying and how to develop self-control and empathy in one-self to manage bullying incidents. They also shared the psychological consequences like isolation, depression, school with-drawl, self-harm, disinterest in school activities, reduced concentration and performance. It is important to teach the Bully and the Bullied the difference between Assertive/Active & Passive Aggression, Self-control and Empathy.

The young members of the squad made efforts to make the school “Bully free school” and to teach their peers to transform from “A Bully to Buddy”.

Examination Stress and Coping Strategies 3 rd - 8 th February 2023

The Health & Wellness department of senior wing organized a workshop on Examination stress and Coping strategies for senior grade students. The aim of the workshop was to reduce stress faced by students during exam time. The points covered during the workshop were: What does exam stress feel like? Why studying for exams can be a challenging task and stressful experience and coping strategies to reduce stress.

During the interactive session, the students shared their opinions on why they get nervous and panic. To reduce the pressure, they were guided to organize the material and space of studying, not to procrastinate, maintain proper revision schedules, use self-test methods and rate their own performance, and not to study for long hours. To make the study easier, they were advised to make use of mnemonics, flow charts, highlighting of important points, mind maps, chunking & skimming. To counter excessive anxiety they may create an examination environment at home by wearing school uniform and appearing for a 3hrs examination.

It is acknowledged that children give the exams happily when there are no over expectations from them and equal time is given to physical and routine activities and care is taken of diet and sleep as well.


Shalom Hills International School considers good health a priority not only for its children but also for its staff. Since teachers are the key towards the success of any school/Institute, ensuring that they remain healthy, happy and content is a matter of precedence for its benevolent Founder and Chairperson.

As a step towards the fulfilment of this goal, the sports department organised a YOGA FOR WELLNESS seminar for the school teachers. The aim of the seminar was not restricted to only their physical health but also their mental well-being. The eminent speaker for the session, Mr Alok Jhinkwan focused on many lifestyle corrective diseases. He enlightened everyone with his wisdom of Yogic sciences.

The teachers were familiarised with a few important yoga Asanas which could help them build their physical health and overcome their stress.

The event was organised in the very systematic way and benefitted the teachers a lot.


“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in India. Recognized by the United Nations on June 21, Yoga has gained tremendous popularity not only in India but across the globe. Yoga International Day marks an opportunity to spread awareness about the benefits of yoga. As per the United Nations, yoga stands as an emblem for creating balance and harmony. When yoga is applied to communities and societies, it offers a path to sustainable living. This year the theme for the yoga day was YOGA FOR HUMANITY.

Encouraged by its Founder and Chairperson, Dr (Mrs.) Lilly George, who believes that education encompasses not only academics, but also a balanced mind and emotional stability,Shalom Hills International School organized a yoga session for the children and parents to celebrate the 8th International Yoga Day on June 21, 2022 from 6:00 am to 7:00 am.

The Yoga session was conducted by Mr. Alok Jhinkwan, a research scholar pursuing his doctorate in in Yogic Science. Motivating the students and the parents to practice yoga,he highlighting the benefits of yoga and pranayama, and taught some asanas which were comprehensively and eagerly performed by the students and parents.

This was a wonderful opportunity for everyone by to change their lifestyle and apply the fitness regime in their daily routine.

Shalom Hills International School Vaccination Drive May 21, 2022

Considering that maintaining a healthy generation is a shared responsibility, Shalom Hills International School organized a second vaccination drive for the students of age groups 15-17 years and 12-14 years. The Vaccination drive was conducted under the guidelines of the District Health Department and Primary Health Center, Ghata by specially trained staff.
During the camp, the guidelines implemented by the government and the health department were followed with full commitment.
To avoid vaccine-related complications like infections, allergy or any other symptoms, medical experts were also deployed at the campsite. The school authority ensured requisite support and facilities while following all the necessary COVID-related protocols.
The parents commended the proactive step taken by the school management in ensuring the safety to their children and their families as a token of community commitment. The response of parents turning up in a large number for getting their children vaccinated is surely a sign towards winning the battle at the end.

Webinar on Children Safety & Wellbeing April 16, 2022

An integrated webinar for SHIS staff was organized by the Health & Wellness department of the school. The resource persons were Ms Neha Tyagi- Legal Consultant at Supreme Court and Delhi High court judiciary; Ms Annie Namratha and Ms Kashish Jain- both Advocacy Ambassadors. The webinar comprised 3 sessions: Legal, Academic and Psychological. Under Legal- Ms Neha explored the facts under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences- 2012 POCSO Act and JJ justice (Reformation and Rehabilitation) Act-2015 (JJA). Under Academic- Roles and responsibilities of schools for children’s safety and wellbeing were explained in detail by Ms Annie. Under Psychological- curriculum-syllabus for safety and wellbeing of children was discussed by Ms Kashish.
Ms Kashish also had an interaction related to the Life Skill book that has been introduced in the current session to help the children become aware about all ten life skills. Some common aspects were related to Physical/Online safety, bullying, empathy and communication and critical/creative thinking skills.
The webinar catered to all the needs of children’s safety and well-being explaining them in detail. An interactive session, it was highly appreciated by the staff members.

Identification of Learning Disorder & Behavioral Concerns 26th June 2021

“The workshop on Identification of ‘Learning Disorder & Behavioural Concerns’ was conducted for the teaching faculty of SHIS by the special educator Dr Namrata Mahajan of Fortis Mental & Behavioural Sciences. She has extensive work experience with children with learning disability, ADHD and Autism. She specialises in developing individual education plan (IEP) for children with special needs. The workshop commenced with Dr Namrata Mahajan highlighting that before identifying the children with special needs, the first step is to understand the difference between Learning Difficulty and Learning Disability. Learning difficulty could be due to lack of understanding of one language because of delay or have certain gaps during learning. Children with LD has problems in reading, writing, spellings and comprehending that starts at the early stage of the development and such signs are not shown suddenly. Dr Mahajan also explained the cause of Social, Emotional and Behavioural concerns (like Attention deficit, hyperactive, aggression/hitting, anxiety, self-harm, feeling low/depressed) that children have shown during Covid that should not be ignored. She specified that the CWSN may also have sensory difficulties, motorskills difficulties, speech and language difficulties that can only be referred and managed by the Occupational therapists. Post identification by parent/teachers, children are required to get the formal psycho-educational assessment through clinical psychologists with RCI license. For Behavioural /emotional concerns counselling psychologists, occupational therapists and psychiatrists can be approached and seeking help from them will show improvement in their concerned areas. In the end, in the Q/A round, the teachers were helped in resolving their queries. .

Yoga-Celebration Of Life June 21, 2021

“The nature of yoga, is to shine the light of awareness, into the darkest corners of the body.” Education with a purpose, education that is all inclusive, education that revels in all colours of life; that is the education Shalom hopes to impart under the headship of its charismatic Founder and Chairperson Dr (Mrs.) Lilly George. Inspired and guided by her, Shalom celebrated International Yoga Day with the alumni. Sending her blessings to her dear children, MD ma’am expressed regret at missing this opportunity of meeting her children. She sent her best wishes to all and hoped all her blossomed flowers were safe and well. To make the culture and tradition of yoga alive, International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21 June. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness. Yoga is not a religion, it’s a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. The current students of the school welcomed the alumni with great zeal. As part of the celebration, a step-wise description anddemonstration of various yoga aasanaswas given by the Physical Education teachers of the school. The session was an invigorating one, enabling all to experience their innerenergies becoming exuberant and ecstatic.

Pre-Primary Celebration of International Yoga Day 21st June 2021

“Yoga does not transform the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.” To stay strong and be strong it is important to build up our immunity. In the pursuit of the same, International Yoga Day was celebrated with our tiny tots of Pre-Primary on 21st June’21 on the digital platform. This year’s theme was “staying fit at home”. The students participated in Yoga sessions with great enthusiasm and energy. The teachers helped the children understand how yoga helps them in their daily lives in maintaining physical fitness. It was indeed a pleasure to see the children showcasing an energetic and spirited performance!

Adopted the New Normal- Challenges and Its After Effects 20th Nov-26th November 2020-VIII 26th Nov-27th November 2020- IX

“Adopted the New Normal- Challenges and its after effects”, yet another important theme was addressed to the students by the senior counsellor Ms Bhupinder Kaur. Separate sessions were conducted in grades VIII and IX. First of all the children were apprised about how important it is that every individual adopted the new normal andcopedwith the Covid-19 situation. Was it for the betterment or worse? Children were invited to give their insights on same. The most worrisome part of virtual classes is that children begin to spend lot of time playing online games,which not only affects their regular schedule, but also the physical and psychological health. Some of the negative points of being at home all the time are reduced physical activity, getting up late in the morning,reduced attention and social connections, declined academic performance, poor self-esteem and too much exposure to social media. The children were advised to equip themselves with indoor activities like meditation, breathing control exercises or playing & spending time with family and siblings, also do video call when they miss their friends and extended families. They were strictly told to not watch or play games that depict violent behaviour. With the interactive sessionthe children realized that they could relate with their own selves and got encouraged to change their life style for the better.

Workshop : Know About Yourself-The Puberty 7th November 2020

A session with grade VI girls on the topic “Know About Yourself- The Puberty” was taken by the senior counsellor-Ms Bhupinder Kaur. The young girls were familiarised with the concept of puberty. The session made them aware about certain physical changes that happen internally and externally and how to cope and adapt with the changes. Puberty can be confusing and an awkward time for girls. Most children begin to experience large growth spurts around the age of eleven.
Girls were guided about the onset of menstruation, a sign of normal, healthy reproductive process that often occurs close to the age of thirteen. Girls were advised not to panic or get worried and seek correct information from the guardians, parents, teachers or counsellors and to not depend on media that may lead to misleading and wrong information. Few parents also attending the workshop were told to empathize and reassure their daughters that it is a normal phase of growth and development that every woman goes through.
At the end, girls were guided on how to maintain personal hygiene and to monitor the menstruation cycle by maintaining a diary or marking through calendar. The inquisitive girls expressed their fears, doubts and anxieties in the Q/A round. The parents appreciated the efforts taken by the school for arranging such sessions for girls and looked forward for more sessions with the parents on need-based topic.


“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” —Brian Tracy
Stress, pressure, anxiety have become an integral and inseparable part of everyone’s life today, be it children or adults, all the more so in this time of pandemic. Constantly living under stress can have serious repercussions on the mental, emotional, physical and even social well-being of a person. Hence, coping with negative pressure and stress is very imperative to leading a happy, healthy, peaceful and meaningful life.
We were very fortunate and honoured that our beloved Founder and Chairperson, Dr (Mrs.) Lilly George, arranged a session for grade XII children with Ms. Jayshree Mehta, an independent consultant and life-skills trainer. She commenced the session by explaining what anxiety is and how the cycle of anxiety works. Stating that one can not just wish stress away, she shared strategies to cope with it. Talking about Neuro-plasticity, she informed that the brain is continuously evolving. To keep it alert we need to challenge it.
Her workshop deconstructed the heavy concepts surrounding behavioural studies into useful guidelines and accessible knowledge. The tips provided during the session to transform distress into eustress were practical and worth implementing.

Class IV & V Workshop on “Puberty in Girls” October 31, 2020

“Girls are unprepared for puberty and have largely negativity to this transition. Girls feel they lack the information and readiness to cope with the onset of menstruation”.
Health and Wellness Department of Shalom Hills International School organized a workshop for girls of classes IV and V in two different sessions, on the topic “Puberty”, through Virtual Platform, Microsoft Teams.
The session was conducted by the Middle Wing Counselor Ms. Kristna. In the beginning she asked children about their knowledge and awareness on the topic to make them feel comfortable. Next, she explained things that are shown in the television advertisements regarding the sanitary pads. The session was an interactive one and the resource person ensured that every student present there actively participated in the discussion for better understanding on the topic and accepts any physical or emotional change gracefully. She emphasized that such changes occur in every girl’s life and is a natural science for everyone to accept and behave accordingly. One should love the fact that growing is inevitable and it’s a part of every girl’s journey towards a beautiful life.
Following Tips were given to the children for understanding growth and accepting it with grace and dignity:
1. "Puberty is the cornerstone of reproductive development.”
2. The age of breast development is at the age of 8 to 10 yrs.
3. Adolescents should be comfortable to discuss things with their mothers and teachers and seek advises from time to time.
4. Being educated about puberty gives confidence in dealing with it.
5. Accepting physical change is very important.
6. It’s a natural change so one should be prepared for it.
7. Unnecessary discussion and worrying should be avoided.
8. Talking to teachers in school and mothers at home to be done personally.
9. Puberty can start early in some while late in some.
10. Getting educated on this topic will help girls to remain calm.
The children responded positively towards the change in growth and development. They asked many questions which were answered by the counselor.

Workshop on Stress Management August 1, 2020

Yet another thought-provoking workshop was organized by the Health & Wellness department for the entire faculty of the Shalom group on ‘Stress Management’ and how to cope up with the inner conflicts and outside pressures during the pandemic. The workshop was conducted by Dr Samir Parikh, the eminent Psychiatrist and Director- Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Mental Health Program. Dr Parikh focussed on three components that build up stress during pandemic that are anxiety of illness, uncertainty regarding future and anxiety of dealing with new normal. He said these anxieties can be resolved by taking medications, following government guidelines and precautions,eliminating negativity, spreading positive messages, staying productive, living in the present by accepting the situation, and maintaining connectivity with friends&family. He also shared few tips on how to keep a balance between work and home by maintaining a daily schedule like waking time, fixing work station, taking multiple breaks, playing board games, spending time with senior citizens and children in family. He also said that it is a time to build generosity, compassion and empathy among ourselves and our youths. There is a need to prepare oneself to adapt to changes in life, focus on positive communication and value system, leading a healthy life style by listening to music, doing mediation and exercise. Also, to become a problem solver rather than keeping it inside and not procrastinating. He encouraged all to seek help from colleagues, friends or mental health professionals. The workshop ended with a useful question and answer round. .

World Hepatitis Day July 28, 2020

Viral hepatitis affects more than 325 million people around the world. World Hepatitis Day, 28 July, is an opportunity to step up national and international efforts on hepatitis, encourage actions and engagement by individuals, partners and the public highlighting the need for a greater global response as outlined in the WHO's Global hepatitis report. Shalomites of Grade 6 actively participated in talking about the reasons, number, causes and precautions related to Hepatitis. They majorly focused on the hard-earned resolutions by the scientists to control this and how precautions are better than cure. This was followed by the health tip majorly focusing on keeping the liver healthy and being hygienic. They also perorated about the 2020 theme of World Hepatitis Day – ‘Finding the Missing Millions’ as the world is a global village and each one of us is connected to each other’s existence; without finding the undiagnosed and linking them to care, millions will continue to suffer, and lives will be lost. Be aware. Stay safe .

Rorschach-Exner System19 th -21 st June 2020

Three days Online subject enrichment course in Psychology was aended byMs. Bhupinder Kaur & Ms. Mitu Singh which was organized by the team ofFor#s Mental Health Department. The four-hour workshop was conducted byMs. Kamna Chhiber- Head of Mental Health Department, Ms. Mimansa Singh-Clinical Psychologist, Ms. Kri# Munjal & Ms. Anuna Bordoloi. Rorschach ExnerSystem is the elabora#ve & systema#c psychological projec#ve inkblot tool todiagnose various mental health illness and is widely used by the clinicalpsychologists/psychiatrists all over the world.The greatest u#lity of the RT is when an understanding of a person, as anindividual becomes important for the purpose of selec#ng strategies. Thepersonality assessment is done that helps in understanding the psychologicalorganiza#on and func#oning of the person rather than the behavior of theperson. It is used for diagnos#c purpose, beer diagnos#c clarity specially inpsycho#c disorders.The administra#on, scoring, interpreta#on with report wri#ng was very wellexplained by the speakers in detail.

Life Skill Workshop “Negative Impact of Social Media”9th May 2020

An online workshop on ‘Negative Impact of Social Media’ was conducted by the senior counsellor for the students of VII. While familiarizing the children with the various social networking sites like Snap chats, Face book, You tube, their negative impacts were highlighted- like acquiring hate speech, decrease in interpersonal skills, risk of identity theft, cyber bullying- and its emotional implications. Influencers, celebrities take advantage of their young and impressionable audience by creating a false sense of trust for their own benefit by promoting wrong ideology of their life being the perfect one or by promoting accessories which you do not need (for e.g merchandise). Few tips on how to stay safe online were also shared like to never share personal details and information, to be vigilant and watch out for phishing and scam, think before posting and to be aware of whom they are talking to, also to follow privacy norms before signing into any social site. They were also apprised about the various dangerous signs that should not be ignored, for e.g if someone tries to insist on having address or contact no, if the person emails objectionable pictures or asks them to post/ email their own pictures, tries to convince to keep the chats secret and asks them to meet without parents’ consent. Children showed their interest and shared their experiences in during the discussion.

Life Skill Workshop - “Anti-Bullying” 2nd May 2020

An online workshop on Anti-Bullying was conducted for the students of grade VIII by the Senior Counsellor during life skill classes. Bullying is commonly found at every place, not only in schools but at home, in relationships, in playground, workplaces, cyber space etc. Hence it becomes important for the young children to be informed about its types, causes, effects and how to