Curriculum / Pre-Primary Curriculum

Pre-Primary Curriculum

"Pre-school Education is the first stepping stone in the education ladder of a Child's Life"

Best Pre-Primary School in Gurgaon

We at Shalom Hills Junior School make every possible effort to make learning 'a joyful adventure' and thereafter ensure that this joyous journey turns into the most valuable and effective educational one embedded with life skills required by the child for the rest of his life.

During scientific researches, it has been discovered that in a child's life the reception towards knowledge is maximum during first five years. It is also proven that 90% of the human brain develops at this age only. Shalom Hills School have awarded for Best Pre-Primary School in Gurgaon.

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he/ she is someone today."

Making the most of our children's today, cherishing their individuality and celebrating their uniqueness are the distinguishing features of our school's Pre-Primary curriculum.

Step Ahead Programme (SAP)

The 'Step Ahead Programme' is the brainchild and specially conceptualized by the Founder-Managing Director of Shalom Hills Group of Schools, Dr. Lilly George.

  • It is designed to ensure that the little learners of the school take sure and confident steps forward in their academic journey.
  • The young minds are invested with life skills and ultimately prepared to leave an impact - an imprint in the adult world.
  • It encompasses or rather covers every domain and vista of proficiency.
  • USP of Pre-Primary Curriculum

    • Taking maximum advantage of this fact, we have customized learning at Shalom Hills School to suit the need of every child.
    • The basic methodology used is a combination of auditory as well as visual learning.
    • Activities are designed, keeping in mind, the need to incorporate multiple intelligences.
    • All classrooms are equipped with projectors for interactive classroom sessions.
    • Prep/MIII classes are also equipped with Edurite Smart Boards which delivers interactive teaching & learning pattern.
    • To reduce the unnecessary burden of extra books and notebooks, the curriculum development team of Shalom Group has designed in-house publication of reading and writing material for all Montessori classes.
    • A Special Kit is given to every child with all the educative material required throughout the session.
    • Creative and aesthetic development in a child are monitored and presented in the form of Portfolio Files. These Portfolio Files are used to document the Art & Craft Work done by every child and is a child's own priced possession.
    • Special Resource Centres and Activity rooms such as Reading Corner, Clay Corner, Pretend Play Corner and Intellectual Development Corner help in the overall development of a child.
    • Excursions, Nature Walks and Educational Trips are part of the learning process too.
    • Through the Linguistics Training Programme at Shalom Hills, we focus on the development of linguistic skills from a very young age in children.
    • Grand occasions such as Special assemblies and Graduation Day are organized to give 100% stage exposure to each and every child in the Junior Wing.

    Parental involvement and collaboration

    We consider parents as an essential support system in the schooling of child and for this reason we keep them informed about every activity and development occurring in the school through

    • Regular PTMs
    • Open - House Sessions
    • School website
    • Every month an elaborate class wise planner is uploaded on our website with important instructions for the parents to follow. Latest Pictures of a child involved in various activities are uploaded on child's portal, which the parents have a special access to.

    We at Shalom always aspire to make our process better every time.
    We as a team are forever motivated to go above our own benchmark.
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