Curriculum / Value Programme

Value system

Overview -Values and ethics are required in today's rapidly changing world. The inculcation of these values is as important and necessary as the possession of technical or vocational skills. They refer to an ability to work together in a team and resolve conflicting situations. Additionally, one needs to collaborate and cooperate with others, thus create synergetic alliances leading to higher achievement level.

Each and every activity carried out at Shalom Hills ensures that the children are equipped with correct values which prepare them to face the challenges of the outside world.

  • Value based morning assembly is one such way wherein every class andsection holds an assembly turn wise and that too thematically.
  • Celebration of special days, annual observances and festivals pave the way for natural assimilation of social values.
  • Apart from co-curricular activities, values are inculcated through subject activity also.
  • Furthermore, value based questions are a staple fix of daily teaching as well as assessment and crafted meaningfully around whatever text, topic, prose, poetry being taught in a subject.

The objective of Value Education at Shalom Hills includes

  1. Holistic development of our students while addressing and bringing about an alignment between the head and heart
  2. Revisiting values and making everyone aware of the fast eroding values in our society; which need to be revived and restored
  3. Creating and establishing a balance between child and community
  4. We connecting and fusing together the heart, hand and head
  5. Bringing about a proactive social conscience and civic-mindedness
  6. Improvement of quality of education
  7. Harmony and peace with self

CBSE has proposed the following themes to be incorporated in the Value Education in the schools, namely

  1. Think positive
  2. Be compassionate and cause no harm
  3. Discover inner peace
  4. Learning to live together
  5. Respect human dignity
  6. Be your true self
  7. Develop critical thinking
  8. Resolve conflict non violently
  9. Build peace in the community
  10. Caring for the planet

For us value education is not just another subject but it is a unifier - one that unifies all other subjects under the broader umbrella of eternal values.

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