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Value Program Reports -Septembar 2014

Interactive session on the topic ‘Respecting your elders’ conducted in Class VI in Sept’14

The teacher narrated a real life incident from the Value card while laying emphasis on the values of respecting our nation, having model behaviour in class, showing deference to one’s elders and having discipline in a student's life.

The students were guided about the advantages of respecting elders and the relevance of such values in their day to day lives.

The students were engaged in group activities like enacting a situation given by the teacher, thereby imbibing the universal and imperative values of respect and discipline.

Value Program Reports - May-August 2014

Activities based on Collaboration (Strength in Unity) held in Class VIII on 6th Aug’14 and 20th Aug’14

A class discussion on importance of 'Unity' in life was carried out and thereafter, a video on Unity 'Ekta mein bal' was shown to the students which was followed by discussion on how unity helped the flock of sparrows to escape from the huntsman. Thus, the students were motivated to remain united and work in unison.

Later on, one of the students read aloud a story 'Together we stand and Divided we fall' before the class which was then followed by a discussion on Strength in Unity. The session concluded with a discussion on the different animals/bird who live in groups and how they protect each other.

Brainstorming session conducted in Grade IX – X in August’14

A brainstorming session was conducted in Grade IX & X with an aim to understanding the meaning of responsibility & undertaking things with a sense of purpose & fulfilling them, to the best of your capability.

The students were firstly explained the objective behind the activity i.e. developing self-control & forgoing impulsive behaviour. During the activity and session, the youngsters imbibed a positive attitude and learnt to be accountable for one’s decisions & actions. Making it more interesting, they were told to rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10 on responsibility

An activity to foster Collaboration (Team Work) in Class VII A in August’14

The teacher narrated a real life incident from the value card and laid emphasis on the value of team work and co ordination among peers. The students were guided about the code of conduct in the school and its relevance in their day to day lives. The students were engaged in various group activities like preparing waste boxes among themselves and imbibing the value of team work. Moreover, they were made to walk in straight line in order to understand the need for coordination and self-discipline.

Labour Day Celebrations in Grades III-V on 1st May'14

Labour Day is an annual event celebrated all over the world and which resulted from the efforts of the Labour Union Movement, to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. Our school also took the initiative to celebrate 'Labour Day' to give due respect and honour to the 'House Keeping Staff' members on 1st May'14 .The children of class- V D presented the special assembly to show the importance of this significant day. The assembly commenced with the Lord's Prayer and the students enacted the different roles like that of a nurse, a maid, a driver, a gardener and publically demonstrated their appreciation of the services provided by them. They personally greeted the entire house keeping staff of our school.

The students also gave 'Colourful Badges' and gift hampers which were prepared by the respective students of classes I-V. Many useful things were presented by the students to them as a token of thanks giving for their valuable services. The Head Mistress-(I to V) Ms. Rima also acknowledged the hard work of the house keeping staff. Through the day's celebrations, the children also got a chance to show their gratitude to the house keeping staff of our Shalom family.

SKILLS INCULCATED: Respect for labours, appreciation of some one's work or help

Special Labour Day Celebrations held in Shalom Hills International School on 1st May'14

The highlight of the assembly organized for the Class IV employees and the helpers of the school on the occasion of Labour Day was that it was solely planned and executed by the talented seniors of Grade XI. Tara Yadav and Karan Nigam of Grade XI extended a special welcome to the Class IV employees, the students and the faculty. The programme unfolded after the Lord's Prayer and shloka were read aloud. The students of the three sections of Grade XI impressed all with the concentration and assurance with which they put up a Yoga Performance. An insightful PPT highlighting the historic importance of Labour Day and its significance in today's world was shown to the audience.

An emotive song was sung by Divyansh followed by a humourous skit put up by a group of senior students. The students, through amusing dialogues and actions, portrayed how uniform enhances the dignity of what one does and adds to one's identity and self-esteem. Vipin read aloud a self-composed poem which was especially dedicated to the labour class. A brilliantly choreographed and skilfully executed dance was performed by the students which was vastly appreciated by all in the gathering.

The Olympiads winners' of Grades VI-XII were felicitated with medals by the principal, Ms. Ritu Mehta. Gifts thoughtfully wrapped up in recycled newspapers and decorated with colourful ribbons and flowers were given to the class IV employees as a token of the school's appreciation of their services and contribution. The programme drew to a close with the vote of thanks and Shalom Anthem.

Special celebrations on Mother's Day held in the school on 9th May'14

On the eve of the International Mother's Day, the entire student fraternity of Shalom Hills International School was frenetically engaged on a mission of love - to honour their beloved M.D ma'am as well as seek her continual blessings on this special occasion. Each wing of the school from the Pre-Primary to Senior Wing had planned something special to show their thanksgiving to M.D ma'am. The senior students fully aware of M.D ma'am love for nature and espousal of environmental causes had prepared gifts from recycled materials and beautiful mementos which they presented to M.D ma'am. It was a truly sentimental moment when they read aloud an emotionally drenched poem before ma'am. The students had poetically replayed and captured their school memories from the time they had joined the school as tiny toddlers. Through gripping verses, they expressed their gratitude to M.D ma'am for handholding them, believing in their dreams, stilling their fears and empowering them not only as school leaders but also for their roles as future torch bearers.

To quote a few lines from a poem dedicated to the school's Founder-Managing Director, who is also addressed as the Mother Darling:
To be a mother is not an easy task,

To be a Mother Darling of so many is even more onerous
yet you do it proudly everyday no matter what is asked.
You have turned your babies into confident seniors.
You were there for us since we began school and saved us countless tears.
The loving and wise advice you gave will carry us through even the adult years.
How can one simple day prove our thanks and love to one who is our role model, our guiding force, our veritable sun ray? No other person deserves a more wonderful Mother's Day.

Not to be left behind in this outpouring of love for their Mother Darling, the primary wing students presented a delightful role play dedicated to ma'am. They too used the opportunity and the befitting occasion to share their wonderful experience in the school and how M.D ma'am has played a pivotal role in mentoring them and grooming their burgeoning personalities with her continuous guidance and loving motivation.

The tiny tots of Pre-Primary Wing who are ma'am' special darlings too presented small tokens of love to M.D ma'am.
Shalom family wishes all the precious mothers the world over a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Celebration of Mother's Day for Class V on 9th May, 2014

"God could not be everywhere; therefore he made mothers."

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate motherhood and pay a tribute to the mothers all over the world. On this day, we show our love and gratitude to our mothers in numerous ways. On 9th May, the students of Class V celebrated Mother's Day in their special way. It was an action packed day for the students, who were overflowing with enthusiasm to showcase their love for their mothers through various planned activities. The students made beautiful ornaments like neck pieces, bracelets, ear rings etc. for their beloved mothers using strings, paper ball, beads, and colours along with loads of love interlacing the activity. A self composed poem dedicated to their mothers was written by the students and they also penned loving messages in beautifully designed cards. The students pledged to honour their moms for taking care of them, respecting them, and thanked them for always being their pillar of strength and comfort.

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