Curriculum / Teaching Pedagogy

Teaching Pedagogy

In order to equip our students with 21st century skills and empower them to be active participants, and at the same effective contributors to a rapidly evolving environment, our school has adopted the latest teaching-learning pedagogical practices based on the 'democratization of knowledge' and has planned a curriculum which is structured on relevant, timely and relational pedagogy. Our school reaffirms and reflects its abiding commitment to relevant and quality curricula to be implemented through transformative teaching practices and methodologies.

The pedagogy on which the school curriculum has been mapped out is future focused and is geared to foster as well as develop lifelong skills among our students like communicative, collaborative team work, problem solving, making connections, critical thinking skills underpinned by community consciousness and global citizenship. Keeping in view that our students are all digital learners, the teaching - learning pedagogy seeks to build relevant connections between learning-teaching in physical and virtual space in today's web world.

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