Infrastructure / First Aid Center

First Aid Center

At Shalom Hills International School the well being of the learners is of great importance. We provide direct nursing services to the students and staff members to maximize health and wellness in the school community. The school has proper and adequate in-house arrangements for providing medical aid and conducting periodic health check-ups of the students. The school has engaged the services of qualified and competent nurse and also has on its rolls a General Physician; it has a tie-up with Paras Hospital. The growth and health record of each child is maintained and notified to the parents on a regular basis.

The school infirmary is equipped with the necessary materials and medical facilities to address the health needs of the students while in school. A trained and qualified nurse is always on duty and available on-site to manage and assess any health issues that may arise during school hours.

Our nurse's services include

  1. Attends to students who are injured or who become ill while at school, administers first-aid and other emergency nursing measures, and arranges for medical attention where the circumstances indicate.
  2. Initiates various screening activities to ascertain learner's health appraisal.
  3. Confers with teachers, learners and parents regarding management of identified health problems.
  4. Provides instructions to learners and parents in subjects such as nutrition, communicable diseases and home healthcare.
  5. Maintains accurate and updated health records of all learners.
  6. Coordinates with hospitals, first-aid services and other medical facilities.

However, the school is not responsible for the medical diagnosis and treatment of the child for any chronic or serious ailment.

The students are also motivated towards Balanced and Healthy Food Habits. The school believes in imparting healthy food habits to the students, for a healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body.

Health and Wellness classes are a necessary part of the curriculum and time table. Yoga classes are held regularly for both the students and the staff.