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Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills help children perform important tasks such as feeding themselves, grasping objects, and writing. The children had fun lacing through the holes of the letter ‘W’ and also transferring the water with a dropper from one bowl to another.
The ability to do such things on their own helps to build the children’s confidence.

Republic Day Celebration January 25, 2022

The pre-primary children celebrated the 73rd Republic Day with immense patriotic fervour and zeal through an online platform. A plethora of activities were organised to infuse the spirit of unity, brotherhood and patriotism among the students.
The students made a head gear with tri colour doves and also enjoyed the little chef activity. They also spoke few lines on Republic day and presented soulful songs and dance to celebrate the monumental day. The event concluded with the National Anthem.

Little Chef Activity

Kindergarten students learnt yet another life skill. The culinary art, aimed at helping them to build their fine motor skills which are so important in their development.
The Little Chef activity was performed virtually. They learnt the basics of cooking and also made sumptuous crunchy crackers under the guidance of their teacher and supervision of their parents.
Children had lot of fun while making yummy crackers. Some eager ones could not wait to gobble up a few biscuits as they performed the activity, while some, first completed the activity and enjoyed their healthy crunchy crackers later.

Rakhi Celebration

The Pre-primary children celebrated Raksha Bandhan with full zeal and excitement. They were told about the virtuous bond of love between a brother and sister which is one of the deepest and noblest of all human emotions.
The tiny tots dressed up in traditional attires, enthusiastically participated in making Rakhis and tying the same to their loved ones.

Onam Celebration

We aim to imbibe in our children the values of every culture and community. The pre-primary children celebrated “Onam” – the famous festival of Kerela. To enhance their aesthetic sense and their fine motor skills they made a flower Rangoli in the circle of love.

Lacing Activity

Threading is a great activity to help children develop fine motor skills which are essential to drawing and writing. It also helps in eye-hand coordination and concentration skills.
The Play group children thoroughly enjoyed the activity of making a jelly fish and threading through the holes to make its legs.

Breakfast with Teacher We need to eat healthy food to stay fit and healthy.

To encourage our children to eat healthy food and inculcate good table manners the kindergarten children were invited to have their breakfast during the virtual class.
Children enjoyed having breakfast in the class along with their friends and class teacher.
They learnt about the importance of healthy food. They also learnt etiquettes to be followed while eating, like using a mat and apron, washing hands before and after eating food, helping parents set the table, saying thank you and excuse me, not putting elbows on the table, chewing food properly and not talking and keeping mouth closed while eating and many more.
Our little Shalomites thoroughly enjoyed this activity filled with loads of fun and learning.

Show-and-Tell Activity: Helper’s Day

The children of the pre-primary wing were explained the concept of community helpers. The tiny tots dressed up as their favorite helper and spoke a few lines on how the community helpers help us and make our work easy. They used attractive props while speaking about their favourite helper.
The children showed their zeal in participating in the class activity and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Save Water Save Earth Water is life….. Conserve it!

Water is a natural resource and essential for the survival of all living things.
The need of the hour is to educate tomorrow’s citizens about water conservation. With this aim, an activity to sensitize the little ones were involved in an activity.
Spreading the message of saving water, Kindergarten students came up with various water saving strategies. They expressed their ideas beautifully and colourfully on paper and confidently shared them in the class.
It was an overwhelming experience to see little ones speaking assuredly about the importance of water and ways to conserve it.

Social and Emotional Development Let’s talk about feelings

Does the child make a happy face when he/she plays outside?? Does he/she get angry when someone takes his/her toys? Does he/she get scared when he/she hears a loud noise?
All children express their feelings. The best way they express is through their faces, followed by their body language, their behavior and play.
An activity on emotions/feelings was organized for the kindergarten children wherein they discussed how they feel and behave in different situations. Various hands-on activities like action rhymes, story on emotions with the help of toys, use of flashcards and reflection on sketch book were cunducted.
They had fun making emojis using sketch book and colours. It was indeed a delight to see them enjoying and learning about emotions at the same time.

Little chef activity July 29, 2021

Kindergarten students learnt yet another life skill. The culinary art, aimed at helping them to build their fine motor skills which are so important in their development.

The Little Chef activity was performed virtually on 29th July 2021. They learnt the basics of cooking and also made sumptuous crunchy crackers under the guidance of their teacher and supervision of their parents.

Children had lot of fun while making yummy crackers. Some eager ones could not wait to gobble up a few biscuits as they performed the activity, while some, first completed the activity and enjoyed their healthy crunchy crackers later.

National Doctor’s Day July 1, 2021

“Celebrate the heroes of the world for all their tireless hard work during the coronavirus pandemic.” The current pandemic that the world is undergoing is perhaps the most difficult time we are ever going to face in our lives. It is even more difficult for the doctors who are working tirelessly to ensure that all those that are infected are provided with proper medical facilities. Their contributions and hard work deserve our gratitude each and every day.On this National Doctor’s Day, the tiny tots of Shalom Hills International school united to pay tribute to these warriors who are protecting us. Our tiny tots of kindergarten were excited to learn about this special day. Card making activity was conducted in the class where children proudly made thank you cards for doctors.It was a great learning experience for the young Shalomites.

Classes I-V Celebrate - World Athletics Day, Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti and Mother’s Day May 07, 2021

In concordance with the proverb “Healthy body has a healthy mind”, the students of classes I-V celebrated ‘World Athletics Day’ by discussing the importance of being healthy in morning assembly. They also shared information on Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti. The World Athletics Day, initiated in 1996, is organized by the IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation). The day is celebrated globally every year to spread awareness among children and youth regarding the importance of fitness and being healthy. Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti, celebrated on 7 May every year, commemorates the Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, the first Asian Noble Laureate. A renowned author, poet, painter and dramatist, he has contributed widely to the Bengali canon and his expansive works remain relevant even today. Mother's Day is celebrated with fun and fervour every year. This day is dedicated to the love, affection, care, and dedication of all the wonderful moms. A mother is perhaps the only person who can love unconditionally and that's why on her special day, you must make her feel special. This being one of those occasions that none of us can afford to miss was zealously enjoyed by one and all.

Fun with games

The children had fun learning the concept of quantification while playing games

Learning blends with foam letters

The children enjoyed making words with foam letters while learning ‘ub’ blends.

Happy Children’s Day

The children had lot of fun playing games and quiz on Children’s day celebration.

Pledge on Diwali

The children took a pledge not to burn crackers and to have a safe and green Diwali by lighting a candle

Little chef activity

The children made coconut laddoos with milkmaid for their families for Diwali.

Origami sheet

To enhance the fine motor skills of the children they were taught to fold the origami sheet to make an aeroplane.

Craft of letter ‘R’

The play group children made a rocket with the square shapes of different colours. They had fun doing ear bud painting also in a dog.

Show and tell on transport

The children spoke very confidently about the different modes of transport. They also used props for the same.

Introduction of the theme transport

The children were introduced to the theme- transport. They had fun making different modes of transport with clay. They also enjoyed sailing their paper boats in their own home made ponds.

Show and tell on insects

The children displayed confidence while speaking about the insects – recap of the theme of the previous month

Gandhi Jayanti

The children were briefed about the Father of the nation-Gandhi ji and his principles. They dressed up as Gandhi ji and did a show and tell activity. They spoke very confidently.

Making a butterfly with origami sheets

To enhance fine motor skills of the children the children made a butterfly with origami sheets. They were also explained about the lifecycle of a butterfly. They made a booklet depicting the life cycle of a butterfly.

Craft of Dussehra

A story was narrated to the children about the Dussehra festival. The children also made a craft of Ravana and spoke few lines on the festival. They spoke very confidently.

Fun with clay

The children enjoyed making different objects related to the letters and insects- theme of the month. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Pink colour day

The children were introduced to pink colour and they made a peppa pig as a craft for the same.

Little chef activity

The children had fun making a traffic light with biscuits and gems

Paper cup phone

The children made a paper cup phone and had fun talking to themselves.

Origami boat

To enhance the fine motor skills of the children an activity of paper folding was done. The children made a boat with an origami sheet.

Introduction of a triangle

The children were introduced to a triangular shape and made a craft of a mouse with triangular shape.

Fun with games

The children played lot of games with respect to the theme of the month and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Parts of plant

The children were explained about the different parts of the plants. They made a tulip flower with an origami sheet themselveswhich also helped them to enhance their fine motor skills.

Making alphabets and their related objects with clay

To enhance fine motor skills of the children they were asked to make different objects with clay. This also helped them to enhance their cognitive skills.

Blend words with soft alphabets

The children were introduced to different blend words by arranging the soft letters on their own.

Little chef activity

The children enjoyed making sprout salad with self grown sprouts. They were explained about the process of germination of seeds. They kept the moong in moist cotton and saw the sprouts germinate after two days. Then, they prepared a chaat of the same with different spices and lemon. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Medicinal herbs in our kitchen

The children were briefed about the medicinal herbs in our kitchen.

Leaf painting

The children did leaf painting of different types of leaves in their garden.

Fruit basket

The Play group children made a fruit basket with the cut outs of different types of fruits. They had fun doing this activity.

Show and tell on plants

The children spoke about the parts of the plants, types of fruits, medicinal values of plants and their favourite fruits and vegetables.All of them displayed confidence while speaking their lines.

Little chef- Tri coloured sandwich

Little chef- Tri coloured sandwich



Experiment- Mixing oil with water

Experiment- Mixing oil with water

Pre Number concept- Above/below

Pre Number concept- Above/below

Founder’s week activities

Founder’s week activities

Origami peacock Activity

Origami peacock Activity

Janmashtami celebration

Janmashtami celebration

Grade VII – Storyboard Making 31st July 2020

Keeping in mind the CBSE instruction to incorporate art-based learning, the students of grade 7 took part in Storyboard Making activity. The base chapter was ‘Bringing Up Kari’. The activity was derived from one of the scenes where Kari, the elephant is up to some mischief. The students were asked to make a storyboard of their pet/or animal they like, portraying any of their mischievous activities. They were also guided to not have more than 5-10 clippings and conversations. The students were guided with samples from the daily newspaper. They were also briefed about the history of the activity being first developed at Walt Disney Studios in the 1930s. Adding to this, discussion on organizational skills was held, which is a basic system of any project planning. They were also informed about various sites that can be used as a tool for making astounding storyboards. The students enjoyed this activity coming up with some funny story to create their storyboard. This Fun-Task not only enhanced their thinking and illustrating skills but also knowledge about advanced platforms and having a clear idea of their goals and objectives beforehand.

Class Presentation

Class room presentation is an Integral part of our curriculum and skill Class Presentation was organized to showcase what has been taught from April. The excited munchkins of classes KG-B, C and D confidently spoke on topics such as exploring me, family, Safe/Unsafe touch, community helpers, girl power, our country- India. The presentation began with the Lord’s prayer followed by physical exercises. From introducing the topic to vote of thanks the Shalomites confidently represented themselves with a great effort. Children recited poems and various songs sung by our tiny tots. It enhanced their communication skills and developed their confidence. The parents were invited to encourage and cheer the budding talent. Children were excited to have their grandparents in the audience. It was a proud moment for the parents as well as teachers to see the confidence of children.

Show and tell

The little ones enjoyed the “show and tell” session where they spoke a few lines on related pictures of ‘Autumn season” and were encouraged to think “outside the box” thereby building their confidence.

Onam celebration

The harvest festival, Onam, is the major festival of Kerala. According to a popular legend, this festival is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali and people make all efforts to celebrate in a grand way. Children were explained the significance of the festival.

Teacher’s day celebration

Teachers’day is the time to pay tribute to teachers and appreciate their efforts in the world. It was fun to see the little ones dress up as their favorite teacher and be like them.

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