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At Shalom, we make learning an enjoyable act where children feel that they are valued and their voices are heard.Adolescence is a vulnerable age for students and the Shalom curriculum prepares the students and provides support for social and emotional reinforcementand inculcatesin them positive behavior and provides skills essential to cope with situations that they encounter in their lives, peer pressure and gender stereotype.
Shalom offers constructive learning to provide students with challenges, encourage creativity and interact actively with peers, teachers and older people which would open up many more rich learning opportunities.The school envisions the all-round development of students in consonance with the holistic approach to education and therefore, emphasizes integration of co-curriculardomain with curricular domain in an equitable manner.
Shalom curriculum is learner-centered with the school being a place where students would be acquiring various skills; building selfconcept, sense of enterprise, aesthetic sensibilities and sportsmanship. With greater academic orientation and research skills in core academic areas, Shalomites evolve as judicious young adults with a sense of real self-estimate having true values and principles.

The Shalom Curriculum strives to:

  1. provide ample scope for physical, intellectual and social development of students;
  2. uphold constitutional values such as Socialism, Secularism, Democracy, Republican Character, Justice, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Dignity of Individual nd the Unity and integrity of the Nation by encouraging values-based learning activities.
  3. nurture Life-Skills by prescribing curricular and co-curricular activities to help improve self-esteem, empathy towards others and different cultures etc..
  4. integrate innovations in pedagogy, knowledge and application, such ashuman sciences with technological innovations to keep pace with the global trends in various disciplines;
  5. promote inclusive education by providing equal opportunities to all students.
  6. integrate environmental education and art learning in various disciplines.
  7. equally emphasize co-scholastic areas of Art Education and Health and Physical Education.

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