Co-Curricular / Life Skills Through Subject Teaching

Through Subject Teaching

Learning Life Skills is also done through subject teaching method. Teachers play a valuable role in imparting life skills through their subjects. Theme based activities are carried out in each subject. The class examines a problem or topic of interest with the purpose of better understanding an issue or skill, reaching the best solution, or developing new ideas and directions for the group. It enables students to deepen their understanding of the topic and personalize their connection to it, helps them to develop skills in listening, speaking, assertiveness, and empathy.

Life Skills through Subject Report

Workshop on Life Skills conducted in Grade XII on 11th September'13

A workshop on life skills was conducted in Grades XII A & C under the guidance of the school counselor, Ms. Bhupinder Kaur. The theme of the workshop was Emotions and its objective was to make the senior graders come to terms with emotions they experience in daily situations and learn how to deal with them effectively.

The students were given four different situations and then divided into four groups. Each group was given ten minutes time for preparation and seven minutes for performance. The counselor ensured that each group was able to identify common emotions associated with each situation. Later the groups were told to write four emotions they experienced during their performance. The children were able to identify certain emotions like Anger, Isolation, Sadness, Discrimination, Depression, Helplessness, Frustration and Loneliness.

It ended with a group discussion on how these emotions could be managed more effectively through good n open communication and healthy relationships.

It was a fun and learning based activity and the life skills enhanced:

  • Emotion
  • Effective Communication
  • Self Awareness
  • Interpersonal Relationships

Speaking cum Life skills activity carried in Grade VIII on 28th October'13

As they read a deeply moving chapter in Literature, 'A Wedding in Russia', thestudents were immeasurably moved by the way Russians remember their ancestors on their personal important days like weddings. In order to engender the same respect and regard for the sacrifices made by countless freedom fighters among them and to make them cherish the precious freedom our forefathers have won for our country, a Speaking activity was carried out in Grade VIII by Ms. Jyotin Prinja on 25th October'13.

Children in groups or pairs discussed the small or big ways in which they can render respect to our country and forefathers in our daily lives or on our important occasions. The emotion-drenched activity served a dual purpose - it encouraged to speak freely and fluently on an emotional issue and it also sensitized them towards their responsibility towards their country. As the children spoke and listened to the others' speak, they realized how much our hard-won freeom is taken for granted and how we should (through our deeds and prayers) acknowledge the sacrifices of all those who have laid down their precious lives to win this freedom for our country.

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