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With the blessings of Hon'ble MD ma'am, the pillar of indomitable strength and driving force behind Shalom Group of Schools and under the supreme guidance of Principal Ms. Ruchi Bhatia, our eternal source of inspiration, Shalom Hills International School, Gurugram organized yet another successful edition of the Inter-school contest under the aegis of Hub of Learning (HOL) - A consortium of prominent schools of Gurugram on 18 th October 2022.The Faculty of English, led by Ms. Meenakshi Madaan, under Ms. Alka Prakash, beautifully conceptualized and executed the event themed 'Shine Between the Lines'. With the invocation of the Almighty, the program began on an auspicious note. The supercharged contestants pulled out all the stops to clinch the top slot as evident through their exceptional talent and class in terms of quality content, diction, expression and coordination. In the close pursuit, finally, Tagore Public School, Gurugram bagged the first prize followed by S. D. Adarsh Vidyalaya, Gurugram and Deepika Public School, Manesar securing the second and third prize respectively. Being the host school, SHIS declared to deny itself the award as SHIS bagged the first position. The event had much more to offer as a fruitful and special session on ALS was also conducted on the sidelines of the competition lead by Ms. Alka Prakash Arora. The enthusiastic participation of the accompanying teachers, with their precious viewpoints, added glitter to the occasion. A few lighter moments wherein the audience felt entertained through a game of tongue-twisters and a few lovely extempore performances too marked the day. The program culminated with the vote of thanks. It was an absolute glorification of language.

बुनो कहानी, कहो कहानी

The 'Hub of Learning' platform brought the Hub schools together again on 26 th August 2022 in the premises of 'Shalom Hills International School' when a very exciting and interesting contest was organized by the Hindi Department of the School on the topic ‘बुनो कहानी, कहो कहानी’ for the students of grade VIII. The member schools participated with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Children weaved beautiful stories collaboratively on the spot, on the given topic based on moral values. The woven stories were narrated in a very creative and innovative manner along with props.
The overall aim of the CBSE to create opportunities for collaborative learning that provides the most joyful, creative, exploratory and vibrant school experience and environment for its learners and the most satisfactory experience for its teachers was thoroughly achieved. It was a proud moment for the winners to receive medals and certificates from the judges. Thereafter, the entire team was given an opportunity to interact with the Principal Ms. Ruchi Bhatia in her office, who encouraged the children to be participative in every field as it augments a lot of learning. The programme ended on a cheerful and optimistic note.


A workshop is a good platform to address academic issues and challenges that support the stake holders to get deeper understanding on subjects and concepts. In connection with the same thought, Department of Mathematics, Shalom Hills International School organised an online workshop as a part of Hub of Learning program. The topic of the workshop was 'Back to Roots- A workshop on Vedic Mathematics' It was conducted with an objective of finding out a few solutions to overcome with some pedagogical implications while dealing calculations.
The workshop was conducted on 18 th November 2022 as an online session on Zoom platform. Ten students from Each HOL member School participated in the workshop. An introduction to the workshop and the topic was given by Ms. Geeta Pathak. Thereafter Ms. Kavita Amit Chaudhary took over and delivered the rest of the session. The session covered the fundamentals of Vedic Mathematics and three powerful calculation tricks which could help the students a great deal in their problem-solving process. Every trick was followed by a practice question which the students solved with the help of the tricks they learned. The students actively participated and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Towards the end, the students put their thinking cap on to solve a mind- bending riddle. The workshop was then concluded with an informative video showing advanced Vedic math techniques and how these could help the students.
All in all, the workshop was a fun learning activity which provided the students not just information but hands on practice too.

SHALOM HILLS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Science Activity (Hub of Learning-23.07.2022) CLASS: VII

1. To write an invisible message
2. To make an electromagnet
3. Electromagnetic induction
4. To make fire extinguisher
5. To Extract DNA from fruits
Hub of learning program was conducted online on 23 rd July 2022 from 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM. Ten Students of grade VII from S D Adarsh Vidyalaya s of grade VII attended this programme along with our school children of grade VIII. Students were given quiz to check the previous knowledge. All five activities were performed and explained nicely by the teachers. At the end students were given a quiz to check how much they learnt from the explained activities. Students enjoyed and learnt different concepts related to science. A feedback form was given to the children at the end.

Sensitisation Programme Financial Literacy and Use of Digital Tools August 4, 2022

SHALOM HILLS INTERNATIONAL School organised a Sensitization Programme on Financial Literacy and use of Digital Tools on August 4, 2022. The session was conducted by SEBI certified Resource Person, Ms. Abhipsha, under the aegis of CBSE as an initiative to sensitize teachers across the country on the basics of Financial Literacy and use of Digital Tools that are relevant in the current scenario. The programme was conducted as a HUB activity wherein the teachers from the member schools of the Hub also participated. Manav Rachna International School Sec 51, S.D Adarsh Vidyalaya, KV 2 Air Force Station, Tagore Public school teachers were among the participants along with the teachers of the host institution.
The focus of the session was to create awareness about basic financial planning. Ms. Abhipsha discussed the importance of proper financial planning, benefits of savings, the ways to increase savings, benefits of investment from an early age, and how to protect oneself from cyber frauds.
The participants appreciated this welcoming move by CBSE to help them remain updated and empowered in the field of financial planning.

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