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Shalom Hills Nursery School, Sushant Lok

Shalom Hills, Sushant Lok, aims to be an institution of excellence and is dedicated to producing the leaders of the future. Here, we believe and focus on innovation, learning to improve our school programs to add on new values in education.



    The 'Step Ahead Programme' is the brainchild and specially conceptualized by the Founder & Chairperson of Shalom Hills Group of Schools, Dr. Lilly George.

    • It is designed to ensure that the little learners of the school take sure and confident steps forward in their academic journey.
    • The young minds are invested with life skills and ultimately prepared to leave an impact - an imprint in the adult world.
    • It encompasses or rather covers every domain and vista of proficiency.


    The 'Step Ahead Programme' aims to develop knowledge, skills and aptitude through its following features:

    • A specially designed Linguistics Training Programme to improve and hone the communicative competence of each and every Shalomite.
    • Children are groomed into being Nature lover and environmental stewards at an early age through environment friendly and oriented activities.
    • Respect for Family, Community Helpers, Our Mother Earth, Importance of Time and Education is instilled with other moral values through well-crafted programmes and events.
    • Developing observing, exploring, probing and questioning mind, spirit and temperament in the young children i.e to say preparing an army of young Einsteins.
    • Encouraging 'Out of the box' thinking and 'thirst for new experiences' through experiential learning exercises and creative inventions.
    • Self awareness is generated through activities in which children realize their special skills and become aware of their strengths.
    • There are celebrations galore throughout the year of festivals as well as family observances like Grandparents Day, Mothers Day and Friendship Day etc.


    At Shalom Hills scholastic excellence goes hand in hand with character building. A strong emphasis on values and knowledge of our rich and varied culture blended with an entirely global approach to education ensures a holistic development of young minds.

    • The school in a truly secular approach celebrates most festivals in the traditional way which develops an appreciation for diverse cultures and inculcates sound moral values.
    • Through thematic teaching, the students are encouraged to take initiative, be original, honest, to believe in them and to work independently and honestly.


    Innovation is the primary driving force behind our school's curriculum. What sets us apart from other schools is the constant motivation to do something better for our children. We firmly believe that a strong foundation nurtures future development.

    • The school has adopted Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences (MI) based curriculum in our classrooms, wherein individual differences of all children are recognized and met.
    • To cater to the needs of every child, the curriculum has adopted a variety of pedagogy, wherein a single topic is taught through seven different techniques (it could be through visual senses, kinaesthetic, auditory and so on.
    • The curriculum ensures the holistic development and personality enrichment of the children by providing them with opportunities to discover their talents and exhibit their various proficiencies:
    • Oratory - Enhancing verbal, expressive and communicative competencies along with writing skills through Language Club aptly named Little Wordsworth.
      Dramatic flair - Through activities on 'The World's my stage', the children are taught stage daring and an outlet for showing their flair for drama. They are given a platform through 100% participation to showcase their dancing prowess and musical talent.

  4. To equip with this innovation we have made changes at three levels

    1. Role of teacher - from knowledge provider to facilitator
    2. Teaching pedagogy - from traditional chalk and talk method to more hands on experiences ( activities)
    3. Evaluation - Not just by paper pencil test but using variety of diagnostic /experimental tools(like quiz, problem solving puzzles, games, etc)


"We have miles to go..."

What started off as a school with 80 students has grown into one with 200 students. That's testimony to the fact that we have a winning formula going for us. What we have achieved here will be implemented in our upcoming new project as well.

That said, it doesn't mean we get complacent. It's very important for us to keep improving and innovating so that it makes for a highly rewarding experience for the students and teachers alike.

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