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Dance is definitely the best outlet and an art form for creative expression. In Shalom Hills, different dance forms are taught and they double up to teach the students skills and lessons of life other than polishing their dancing prowess. They acquire flexibility of body and mind, concentration, fellow camaraderie and very importantly they learn that in life as well as in dance 'sometimes you lead and sometimes you need to follow'.

Best School in Dance in Gurgaon


  • Two dance classes are conducted per week for every class. For this, duly planned and mapped out dance syllabus has been designed in the beginning of the year. This syllabus is meticulously and assiduously well thought out and has all the dances/forms which will help to enrich the children's knowledge of the different dance forms.
  • In the beginning of each dance training session, an appropriate warm up with previously rehearsed steps is done.

  • * For various interschool and intraschool events and competitions, theme based dance sequels or those highlighting current situations or socially livewire problems are conceptualized, choreographed and presented.

  • To prepare our students for these events, we initiate from the basic dance steps and then proceed to more complex choreography.

School awards and achievements in Inter-School Dance Competitions
Sr.No. Year Event Name Organiser Performed piece Position
1 2011 Inter school competition MRIS Naga Tribal Ist
2 2011 Inter School Folk Dance SHIS Purulia Chhau Ist
3 2011 Winter carnival SHIS Save water Ist
4 2011 Inter school competition Summer Field School Save Water Ist
5 2011 Inter School Competition Meenakshi World School Kerala folk Ist
6 2012 Inter School From all over Delhi NCR Horlics Save Water Ist runner up
7 2012 Cyber Mania Blue Bells Face book Ist runner Up
8 2012 Inter School Competition MRIS Ashoka Dance Ist
9 2012 Inter School Competition MRIS Street Play on Inflation Ist
10 2013 Inter School Competition MRIS History comes alive (Partition) Ist
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