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Life Skills Programme

Grown-ups and children alike have aspirations, goals and often face problems in realizing them in life. In order to achieve these aspirations, as well as resolve these problems, one needs knowledge and skill. WHO (World Health Organization) has rightfully identified the skills which help us to overcome adverse situations as 'basic' or 'coping' skills. Since they help us to live life in a better way and cope with difficulties we encounter in life, they are tagged as 'Life Skills'.

Need for Life Skills

A host of factors like boredom, rebellion, disorientation, peer pressure and curiosity promote high risk behaviour such as alcoholism, drug abuse and casual relationships. The psychological push factors such as the inability to tackle emotional pain, conflicts, frustrations and anxieties about the future are often the driving force for high risk behaviour. Life skills training is an efficacious tool for empowering the youth to act responsibly, take initiative and take control of their lives. It is based on the assumption that when young people are able to rise above emotional impasses arising from daily conflicts, entangled relationships and peer pressure, they are less likely to resort to anti social or high risk behaviours.

At Shalom Hills International School, through a well structured life skill programme for Classes VI to VIII and a separate one for grades IX to XII, we aim to inculcate the following life skills, which will help our students to live a productive and fruitful life.

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