Co-Curricular / Visual & Performing Art Report

Activity: Lettering, Typography and Calligraphy classes

  • Visual & Performing Art

Months: April to September 2014
Activity: Lettering, Typography and Calligraphy classes
Classes: IX & X
Works Prepared: Integrated projects with Language, Science and Dance Departments to help them for special assembly, inter school completions or in other activities.

Lettering, Typography and Calligraphy are a genre of visual art related to writing. The students of Grade IX-X through their Fine Arts classes have been enhancing their artistry in different vocations. They have understood the importance of expressive, harmonious and beautiful hand writing which can be used in different purposes such as in preparing written props for school functions, greeting cards, posters, memorial documents, event invitations, weddings and so on. Calligraphy work heightens the level of concentration and sharpens the skills of making spontaneous decisions. These skills have sharpened among the senior graders as they have prepared and written on materials/slogans/props/creative set-ups by way of Integrated Projects.

Activity: Brush & Ink Drawing and use of Acrylic Colours.

  • Visual & Performing Art

Activity: Brush & Ink Drawing and use of Acrylic Colours.
Class: X
Theme: Free Expression
Works Prepared: Painting composition on A3 size paper

Brush & Ink Drawing is a classical style of drawing. It develops the command over the different type of line works as well as enhances the confidence level in drawing and painting work. The aspiring artists of Grade X were asked to use very limited shades of acrylic colours, so that they learnt to explore the tonal variation of single pigment.

It was very enriching & enjoyable experience for the learners as they were free to express anything and gave free rein to their imagination and creativity.

Outdoor Nature Study (Foliage Sketching)

  • Visual & Performing Art

Month: Aug, 2014
Activity: Outdoor Nature Study (Foliage Sketching)
Class: XI
Theme: Nature
Works Prepared, Live Sketching and Design Composition on Half Imperial Size Paper.

Great artists often say that nature is the best teacher and the best way to learn art. It develops observation skills, aesthetic sense and connects with nature to explore the beauty as well as method-material and technical aspects of art. After doing outdoor live sketching, the pupils were asked to prepare a design composition by using outdoor foliage sketches as a reference. For colouring, the students were asked to use water based medium. Very soon they were able to create virtual masterpieces of Foliage sketching.

Free hand clay modeling, geometrical relief work, animals compotation like dog, elephant with drawing mould and casting

  • Visual & Performing Art

The students discussed about their interest and hobbies in the Fine Arts and Sculpture classes. Relief clay modeling was introduced and explained in the class through lot of examples and through demonstration method. The students prepared lot of relief clay work. They were overjoyed while creating the art work.

There was a lot of medium used for sculpturing like stone, wood, pop, paper masses etc. The students learnt how to do molding and casting; practised casting with paper. The student learnt how to create the armature and also learnt how to give finishing and colouring to the model. Later on, the students help in making the props

VI-A, B, C, D, E-: animal’s compotation with dog, elephant & giraffe
VII-A, B, C - geometrical relief work
VIII-A, B, C - geometrical relief work
IX-A, B - free hand clay modelling according to the drawing
X-A, B - free hand clay modelling according to the drawing

Group Activity: Functional Art & Props Making

  • Visual & Performing Art

Group Activity: Functional Art & Props Making
Class: VI: to XII
Month: Aug, 2014
Theme: Patriotism and School Progress
Works: Backdrop, Stage Decoration and props

Functional art refers to aesthetic objects that serve a utilitarian purpose. The school’s Performing Arts & Visual Arts work together in preparing props, stage set-up and other adjuncts which are helpful in developing various creative skills. Twenty members of the Art Club participated in all the conceptual and exclusionary aspects of fine arts.

Grade V students become fleet-footed through dance classes

Dance is the movement of the body with rhythm and music. Dance is an art that enhances creative thinking and also teaches the students discipline, commitment and basic ethics. It also helps students to be physically fit.

In the month of April, the students have learnt "Freestyle Dancing" on different songs.

Group Activity on World Earth Day carried out in Class VI to X

Through Hanging paper panels, a visual art activity to spread awareness regarding environmental issues was executed by the students of Class VI to X. The young learners worked in different groups. It was an experiment art; pupils participated in all the conceptual and exclusionary aspects.

Shalom Hills International School - make their presence felt in Raahgiri Day celebrations

Raahgiri Day is a street festival conceptualized and organized entirely by the many residents and hobby groups of Gurgaon and supported by The Times of India. The events to mark "Raahgiri Day" are held within a 4km circuit of roads near the Galleria Market and Vyapar Kendra mainly which has been extended to Palam Vihar as well. Raahgiri Day provides space for cycling, jogging, games, skating, musical performances, street plays, dramas and other events every Sunday.

Shalom Hills International School believes in promoting such initiatives which are for the betterment of the society and promotes healthy living environment for the current and the coming generations. Hence to encourage the people who are part of this initiative and support this social cause, the school sent its children to participate, thereby adding colour, joy, enthusiasm to the celebrations and at the same time, spreading the social message of empowerment of women through a dance drama in the Raahgiri Day event held on 20-April-2014.

A power-packed message of women empowerment was given out by the students through a riveting dance drama 'Good thinking destines a good future' performed as part of Raahgiri Day. The costumes, powerful dialogues and convincing emoting by the senior graders of Shalom Hills International School left all the on-lookers moist eyed and loudly acclaiming their performances. The audience was highly impressed by the sensitive portrayal of social victimization of women in our society by the young students as well as by their mature acting prowess. The school's choir group presented song to commemorate Easter. The Music and Art teachers of the school sang solo and duet numbers at the special request of the audience and the event coordinator.

Most of the parents and audience shared positive feedback and lauded the efforts of the School in being a part of such initiatives.

Poster Making activity carried out in Grade VI on 18th April'14

The students created eye-catching posters on manuscripts and inscriptions and through the activity, learned the importance of gleaning information about the past and our history through these manuscripts and inscriptions. The students enjoyed doing the activity in which they presented information about our past through well selected pictures and creative write-ups.

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