Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the entry level in school?

The entry level in school is 2 years onwards (play group).

2. What is the age criterion?


  • MI 2 years by March 31st
  • MII 3 years by March 31st
  • MIII 4 years by March 31st
  • Class I 5 years by March 31st

3. What is the admission procedure?

Ans. Those seeking admission to our school are involved in an informal and personalized process wherein we observe and interact with the child and the parents in order to make best possible decision for their placement. Parents are expected to make honest disclosure about any special need of their child at the time of admission.

4. What is the curriculum at primary, secondary and senior secondary stages in the school?

Ans. We follow the Thematic and Integrated Multiple Intelligences curriculum at Primary, CCE pattern at Secondary and at Senior Secondary we offer Science, Commerce and Art (Humanities) streams.

5. Does every child get individual attention?

Ans. Small class size and proportionate student-teacher ratio ensure that every child gets individual attention in the classroom. Additionally, at the primary level our thematic and integrated MI curriculum ensures that learning is individualized and designed to cater to the needs of all types of learners. At Secondary and Senior Secondary Levels, multiple methods of teaching are used to deliver the course content, catering to needs of each and every child. Furthermore, innovative academic strategies like concept reinforcement procedure and doubt file ensure that all doubts of the children are solved and each student is engaged in and is keenly participative in the learning process.

6. How do I obtain all the information related to academics?

Ans. Every child is provided with a curriculum booklet in the beginning of the session. This booklet is comprehensively prepared by a panel of curriculum makers and subject experts. It carries information related to syllabus, activities, practical, sample papers, practice worksheets, value based questions, tools and techniques of formative assessment, blue print and marking scheme. Thus the parents as well as students are well aware about the various aspects of academics related to all the subjects well in advance.

7. Is transport facility available?

Ans. Our buses ply all across Gurgaon. The bus routes are chalked out by the transport. In charge and parents interested in availing the transport facility need to contact the school and collect the necessary form.

8. What are the co- curricular activities provided in the school?

Ans. To ensure that the creativity of every child gets ample exposure and platform we provide a range of co- curricular activities like music, dance, theatre, sculpture and art. We offer Work Education programme like Sculpture and Library science, Green School Programme, MUN, Yoga, Aerobics, Students Exchange Programme, School Rock Band, Community Outreach Programme, working with NGO etc.

9. What kind of sports activities are conducted in the school?

Ans. At Shalom Hills we provide a range of sports activities like skating, basketball, football, table tennis, volleyball, and cricket. Our school has won accolades in sports and skating at district and national level. Our school teams have won laurels in various Inter-School and State Level events in archery, cricket, football, chess to name a few.

10. What are the special infrastructure facilities available in the school?

Ans. The school is well equipped to meet the demands of academic, sports as well as other co-curricular needs. The school has the following state of the art facilities

  • An aesthetically designed and well maintained and library in all the wings with above 10,000 books well ventilated digitally smart classrooms
  • Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science Composite , SST, IT, Robotics, Electro Physics and Language Lab
  • Music, Dance and Art studio
  • Science, Visual and Performing Arts Resource Centre
  • Disaster Management Cell
  • Infirmary
  • Well-equipped play ground for all sports facility
  • Emotional Wellbeing centre
  • Yoga and Meditation hall
  • Auditorium
11. Is the school well equipped to handle fire and other emergencies?

Ans. Our school has a well managed and actively functional Disaster Management Cell which conducts regular training sessions and mock drills for training and sensitizing the students and teachers. Additionally, we also follow standard operative procedures in case of emergency evacuation. Furthermore, the school is well equipped with safety guards, fire-extinguishers and other safety equipments.

12. How does the school take care of student's safety?

Ans. We have well defined standard operative procedures for ensuring the physical and emotional safety of every child. Our safety policy ensures that each and every child gets a secure and harmonious environment for their holistic development and ABC (Always Be Careful) of safety is followed in every aspect of school functioning. The school is under CCTV surveillance. We have security guards manning the gates and patrolling the premises. Furthermore, we have well trained lady guards in our buses along with school teachers on bus duty. The buses are equipped with phone facility. Furthermore there is police verification of all staff members before recruitment is finalized and all personal antecedents of the school employees are maintained in the school records.

13. How does Shalom Shiksha prepare a child for life?

Ans. Shalom Hills International School has taken upon itself the noble mission of helping young minds to grow and learn in a homely and harmonious environment where ample opportunities are provided to the child to experiment with the truth and facts of life as it unfolds before him or her each day resulting in the all-round development of the child and thus promoting world peace through education. The institution is founded on the values of humanity, love, kindness and continuous learning.

14. How is the value of sustainable development inculcated in students?

Ans. We at Shalom Hills strive to inculcate the evergreen value of caring for Mother Earth. To achieve this objective, the school carries out a range of Green School activities. We have an in-house Green School Programme structured and designed to carry out waste, water, carbon footprint, air audits. Also, the school in association with Eco-slate and IIM Ahmedabad has successfully implemented the sustainable green school programme in the school. The school has an Experiential Learning Park with botanical, herbal, kitchen garden and vermicomposting pits. Our students and teachers participate in various conferences related to conservation, environment and earth.

15.Is value education an integral part of Shalom Shiksha?

Value education is provided through every layer of school activities like school assemblies and a wide spectrum of curricular and co- curricular activities. Our teachers are provided with innovative tools like value cards, gender sensitivity cards, value kits, value plans etc. to lay strong foundation of values in the young minds.

16. How are Life Skills inculcated in the students?

Ans. Through a gamut of school/class activities carried out in the school, we prepare our students for life and lifelong learning. We have a well-defined and structured Life Skills curriculum to inculcate and develop thinking, social and emotional skills in the students. There are regular periods and classes integrated in the time-table of every class for inculcation of these skills.

17. How is the value of social accountability integrated in the children?

Ans. We undertake various community based projects in association with NGOs like Save Electricity Campaign, Waste Management, Clean-up Campaigns, Go Green drive etc. Also our school's Student Council and Rotary International 'Interact Club' members are actively involved in executing a range of social service activities throughout the calendar year.

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