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Workshop on First Aid held on 26th April'14

A workshop was held in the Middle Wing Auditorium which was attended by all teachers of Shalom Hills International School, Sushant Lok and of Nirvana branch. The workshop on First aid was conducted by Ms. Pritee Trikha, a consultant at Paras Hospital who had earlier worked as a first aid trainer at Medanta Hospital. She addressed the teachers on how useful it is to manage basic emergencies and discussed the purpose of giving first aid. After that, she explained the first things to do in case of an emergency and stressed that the key principle in a crisis is never to panic. After discussing what constitutes first aid, she explained life threatening situations and how to evaluate the three S's : safety, scene and situation

Through slides of human body, it was elucidated how to give emergency first aid in case of minor accidents like a cut or swelling in the hand. The contents of the First Aid Box must include important things like scissors, disinfectant, cotton wool, plasters, notebook, bandage etc to provide immediate relief in case of an emergency. The difference between Roller and Triangular bandage and the specific functions of each were dealt with.

A practical demonstration was given of how to drape a bandage and different ways to stem Internal and External Bleeding. Ms. Trikha gave instructions as to how to deal with emergencies like epilepsy, unconsciousness, animal bites etc. The cardinal rule was impressed upon the teachers at the conclusion of the workshop that rendering first aid is the prime responsibility of a first aider.

Health check up of staff members conducted on 12th April'14

Shalom Hills International School caters not only to the needs of its students but is also keenly involved in ensuring the health and wellness of its staff. The school seeks to provide a conducive environment to all the stake holders, in order to secure their physical and mental fitness, As part of this laudable objective, the school in association with Paras Hospital had arranged the health check up of its staff members. A team of the following doctors visited the school -

Dr. Namrata - Senior consultant, Gynecologist
Dr. Puja Gynecologist
Dr. Kirti - Dentist
Ms. Sonika - Optometetrist

Various tests were conducted and guidance & counseling was given by the visiting professionals. The staff was also provided with health coupons which they can avail of at Paras Hospital. The health card of all the teachers was generated.

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