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Shalom Hills International School

"Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; Education in itself is life"

In today's fast changing and rapidly evolving world, the lowered attention span and threshold of students has become a key problem area for parents and educationists. Thus, it is imperative that education is innovative and at the same time, stimulates and retains the interest of students. Shalom Hills International School has accepted the challenge to be constantly creative, to employ the latest IT tools and to embrace innovative learning facilities that will 'enhance' and 'enrich' the educational process and also 'enthuse' and 'empower' the students. Shalom Hills International School provides 360 degree new age digital education and thus, is the school that lives up to its motto, Your Aspirations, Our Commitments.'

The primary objective of Shalom Hills International School is to provide holistic education which results in the all-round development and personality enrichment of every child. Shalom Hills provides an atmosphere in which the uniqueness and individuality of each child is recognized, cherished and rewarded. For this reason, the school curriculum is a comprehensive and judicious blend of methodically planned academics, multiple intelligence concepts and a slew of creative activities. The other aims and objectives of the school are:

  • To provide a harmonious & stimulating environment, in which the natural curiosity, spirit of inquiry & inherent inclination of every child is respected and given a free rein.
  • To promote a culture of learning in which the students are the recipients as well as participants of the learning process and teachers are facilitators.
  • To raise well-adjusted, principled and rational global citizens of the future through value based education.
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