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On account of an ever-growing movement and busy schedule of the parents - majority of who are global professionals, their interaction with the school remains somewhat limited and confined. The important updates sent by the school go unheeded although unintentionally but this affects the relationship of parents and schools in the long run. Due to time crunch, the extra effort to log on to the website of the school and check the update on the portal often becomes demanding and taxing. On the contrary, it is more practical and viable for the parents to keep checking apps on their mobile phones and download the applications.

Keeping the current need and inclination in mind, a team of mobile application experts have designed and created the mobile application, My M School, which may be termed as a revolutionary measure and a real boon for the parents. The mobile parents can receive updates on all the relevant issues related to fee, attendance, examination result, teacher remarks, homework instantaneously and hence the effective interaction between parent-school gets enhanced.

It is a simple-to-use mobile application which offers the best opportunity to the parents to keep a constant tab on the overall performance and progress of the ward(s) and can be termed as a true value-added service to them from the school’s end.

The mobile app is available on Google Play for Android phones and Apple App store for iPhones.

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