Subject Class Activities

Subject Class Activities - May- July 2014-15

A Science activity carried out in Grade VI on 3rd July’14

  • Science activity on 30th June 14
  • Science activity on 30th June 14

TOPIC: Sorting materials into groups
Under the guidance of their Science teacher, Ms. Anjali Drolia, the students of all the sections of Grade VI performed a Science lab activity. The objective behind the activity was to make the children understand the concept of solubility of substances. They performed an experiment using common salt, sugar, saw-dust, alcohol, glucose, chalk-powder, disprin, pencil shavings, lemon-juice and oil etc. The students enjoyed the activity thoroughly and gained hands on knowledge about the topic of solubility of substances.

An activity carried out in Chemistry class in Grade X on 21st May'14

The students were taught about the different kinds of reactions i.e. Displacement reaction, double displacement reaction, combination reaction and decomposition reactions. The concept of reactions became clearer and self-apparent when the students performed the experiment themselves and saw the result with their own eyes, under the guidance of their Chemistry teacher Ms. Ashu Trehan. Apart from an explanation on different kinds of indicators, the students were encouraged to judge for themselves whether the given solution is acid or base.

A 'Know yourself and others better' speaking activity carried out in English class in Grade X on 21st May'14

Self-image is very important in building up self-esteem and having a realistic opinion of oneself as well of one's strengths and weaknesses. Interestingly the activity was a corollary of what the senior graders of Grade X had already learnt i.e. about the negative fallout of a poor self-image and how lack of self-confidence contributes to one's downfall by reading Vikram Seth's acclaimed and famous poem, 'the Frog and the Nightingale' which is a part of their English syllabus.

In order to entrench the real-life learning outcome from the poem deeper in their minds, their English teacher Ms. Jyotin Prinja made the students write about themselves - their self-image, the factors that have contributed to it and how influenced they are by others opinion and projection about them. Then a 'Know yourself and others better' speaking activity automatically resulted when the students' pen-sketches about themselves translated into revealing some home truths about themselves, in front of their class mates and teacher.

All the students surprisingly were very clear-sighted about themselves and honest about their idiosyncrasies and weaknesses. They spoke confidently and unhesitatingly about their self-image and how they are affected by what their peers, class-mates and family think about them. Everyone enjoyed hearing the innermost feelings of their class-mates and in the bargain, learnt the most valuable lesson of life, 'Be sure of yourself and while trusting others, don't be overly gullible or susceptible to undesirable influence.

ACTIVITY - "Aa matra" Words carried out in Class I on 16th May'14

Two letter words with "Aa Matra" were being shown on the smart board to the children and they were also asked to make new word using "Aa matra". The children were very much enthusiastic to form new words with "Aa matra".

It was amazing to see that all were able to form and create new words and all the students took an active part in the activity.

Gender Identification activity carried out in Grade II on 16th May'14

The children learnt how to identify the correct gender. The teacher showed them the pictures on the smart board and thereafter the students matched the pictures with the correct gender. All the children enjoyed the activity and learnt about two types of genders (masculine and feminine).

Science activity carried out in Grade VI on 9th May'14

The students of Class 6 were engaged in practical work by way of burning different plant and animal fibres to arrive at scientific conclusions. During the practical activity, they used fibres like cotton, silk, rayon jute, wool etc. The students found this activity very interesting and enjoyable. Also, they learnt how the rate of burning is different for different fibres.

A Science activity based on weaving of paper strips carried out in Grade VI on 8th May'14

With the objective of imparting hands on and practical knowledge of the concept of weaving, an activity was carried out in Grade V revolving around the weaving of paper strips. The children during the course of this activity also understood the difference between knitting and weaving. The students found the activity highly useful, interesting and enjoyable.

A Hindi activity carried out in Grade VIII on 17th May'14

TOPIC: Chithiyon Ki Anoothi Duniya

In Class VIII, an activity was carried out in which the students had to collect a few of their favourite things and then give out information about them. Under the guidance of their teachers, the students gathered together a beautiful collection of things dear to them and shared interesting information and facts about them. The students enjoyed this activity very much.

Mathematics turns fun in Multiple Intelligences Lab through Number Card activity in Grade II on 13th May'14

An activity with number cards was conducted on 13.05.14 in M.I. Lab for all the sections of Class II. All the children of Class II were taken to M.I. Lab (section wise). There, the children were given three 3digit number cards each. They were told to put these cards first in ascending order and then in descending order. Through this activity, they could easily make out the biggest and the smallest number out of their respective three 3digit number cards. This was an educative as well as fun activity in which the children arranged the number cards in ascending and descending order by themselves.

A Hindi Skit on the topic of 'Awareness against social evils' conducted in Grade IX on 15th May'14

An activity was conducted in classes IX A & B with the objective of spreading social awareness among the youngsters. The class was divided into three groups. Each group chose a different topic based on the theme given earlier in the example. The topics ranged from ragging at school level, respect for the elders and save the girl child. All the group members performed the skit on the assigned topic in a very enthusiastic manner. It was amazing to see how well informed our students are about various social causes.

A Hindi skit on the topic of 'Awareness against social evils' conducted in Grade X on 12th May'14

An activity was conducted in classes X A & B with the objective of spreading social awareness among the youngsters. The class was divided into two groups. Each group chose a different topic based on the theme given earlier in the example. The topics ranged from dowry system, domestic violence, and respect for the elders to save the girl child. Each group presented a gripping skit and there was active involvement on the part of every member of the group.

An interesting Computer activity based on Ms Paint in Class II on 7th May'14

A Computer activity was conducted in all the sections of Class II, under the topic "As I See My World". The children were told to draw and colour what they wanted to see around them in the world on Ms Paint. The children drew stars, sun, houses, trains, trees, flowers, swings, butterflies etc. with great interest.

It was an educative computer activity in which the children learnt to make something of their own choice. It was a fun filled activity and the children enjoyed it a lot.

Students of Grade V taken to Multiple Intelligences Lab

Multiple Intelligence Lab is a specially designed lab to give hand on experience of the concepts taught in the class room. It provides a live work station for experiential learning for all the subjects.

In the month of April, the children were introduced to and explained about the importance of multiple intelligences in their learning process.

A Hindi Quiz conducted in Grade VII on 7th May'14

In Class VII a Hindi Quiz was conducted. There were three to four groups formed in each section. An equal chance was given to each and every child of every group to take part and answer the questions. The students participated keenly and took great interest. Overall, they found the activity very enjoyable and informative.

Labour Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. Labour Day has its origins in the Labour Union Movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. For many countries, Labour Day is synonymous with, or linked with, International Workers' Day, which occurs on 1 May.

On this day 1st May 2014, all Shalomities of MI, MII & MIII celebrated "Labour Day". Firstly all the students were very eager to know what is labour and why is Labour Day celebrated. All the teachers explained to them the significance of Labour Day with the help of a PPT.

Than the teachers called the lady guards and house-keeping staff to their respective classes and the students gave a small gift to them as a token to show their respect and gratitude for them. They also made a 'Thank You' cards for the nannies and lady guards. At the end of the day, the children had understood the importance of workers and the role they play in society & its overall grown & development.

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