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Activities 2015-16

Annual Graduation Day held on 27th February 2016

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  • SHIS Activities

To celebrate the culmination of the little ones’ academic journey in kindergarten, SHIS held the first slot of its Graduation Ceremony on 27th Feb’16. The ceremony was graced by Dr. Lilly George, the Founder-Managing Director, Ms. Karishma George, the Director, Mr Atul Bhatt, principal, H.M of SPS and other distinguished guests. The parents were the special guests at the function.Shalom faculty joined Ms. Shobhana Venkatesh, H.M of Pre-Primary Wing in thanking Dr. Lilly George for her guidance and deep care of the students and providing the staff with innovative conceptualization of the Graduation Day. The ceremony was a flawless melange of dance sequels, delightful speeches, theatrical presentation of Cinderella and a showstopper fashion show. The performance by the senior-graders on ‘Five Elements’ robbed the audience of their collective breath. Ms Ruchi Bhatia, The Head-Coordinator shared how these winning performances in Shri Utsav owe themselves largely to the unique interpretation of the theme by Dr Lilly George. The function ended with the grand finale, Shalom Anthem and National Anthem.

Dr. Lilly George thanked the parents and grandparents for entrusting their babies into the Shalom fold and dedicated the occasion to her darling kindergarteners.

Purple colour day (MI) 22.01.16

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M I children learnt to identify colour purple and learnt more about the objects associated with the colour as they came all dressed in some shades of purple colour.

Group Activity –Igloo making (MII) 19.01.16

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Igloo-dome shaped Eskimo house, built from blocks of solid snow Children enjoyed creating Igloo out of paper plate and paper glass.

Winter shopping (MI & MII) 15.01.16

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Children of MI and MII enjoyed winter shopping. They were told about clothes and food related to winter season. Our tiny tots enjoyed fun filled outdoor activity with their teachers.

Lohri and Makar sankranti
(MI- MIII) 13.01.16, 14.01.16

  • SHIS Activities

Lohri and Makar Sankranti was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. They had prepared wonderful Portfolio and group activities related to festivals. They learnt and enjoyed winter food items -popcorn, rewri, nuts etc.

Dussehra celebration

MI, MII, MIII – 20.10.15

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The festival of Dussehra was celebrated in the school on 20.10.15 in a true festive spirit. Our toddlers of MI, MII & MIII were dressed up in ethnic and colourful festive dresses. A lively “dandia” was performed by the little ones. Children enjoyed the story of “Ramayana”

Workshop –Jodo gyan (Two, two is not twenty two…)

  • Activity Nirvana

Jodo gyan workshop was organised on 17.10.15 wherein teachers of MI- MIII participated with great enthusiasm. The objective was to introduce innovative methods of teaching maths so that Math is Fun. The way children taught math at the pre primary stage is a significant determinant not only of their attitude towards math but also of their performance in later years. Teachers had hands on experience on various methods of teaching and learning e.g., through activities, classroom games, PPT had been discussed .It was quite a fruitful workshop.

Orange colour day (MI)

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The Pre-Nursery children learnt about the orange colour and objects associated with the colour through the orange Day Celebration. Our tiny MI children came dressed up in orange color dresses.

Orange colour day (MI)

  • SHIS Activities

The Pre-Nursery children learnt about the orange colour and objects associated with the colour through the orange Day Celebration. Our tiny MI children came dressed up in orange color dresses.

Class Presentation- My country

MIII G– 14.10.15 & 15.10.15

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MIII G showcased a presentation on “My country”. The confident shalomites spoke about the national symbols, national monuments, national leaders, geographic location etc. They wrapped up the presentation with a patriotic song “sare jahan se acha…..”The parents were invited to see their children’s performance; they appreciated the confidence of the children and thanked the effort of the teachers & management.

Class Presentation

September (17th-24th) M III

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The vision of our Managing Director – “making our young learners confident & self reliant” was realised when our kindergartener showcased their learning out come to their proud parents.
The children of M III D presented “ Growth”, while M III A appreciated “ Our band of Helpers”. Classes M III C, E & F did a “ Wrap up” covering themes – Exploring Me, My Family, My Community, My Country & Our Animal friends , which they have learnt in the first term.

Parents appreciated the confidence of the children & thanked the effort of the school.

Blue colour day (MI)11.09.15

  • Activity Nirvana

Blue is the colour of the sky and sea. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.

Blue Colour Day was celebrated in the school. Our tiny tots of MI came dressed up in blue and learnt the concept of colour by various activities.

Blue colour day Celebration (11.09.15)

  • Activity Nirvana

Blue is the overwhelming “favorite color.” The color of ocean and sky, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives. Children celebrated blue colour day and came in blue clothes.

Teacher’s Day celebration

MI, MII, MIII – 04.09.15

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Teachers play a major role in influencing and moulding a child's life as children in their formative and impressionable years spend a lot of time at school. Whatever a child learns at this time stays with him all his life. This day is also celebrated as Teachers' Appreciation day.

Our tiny shalomites came dressed up as their favourite teachers and enjoyed their day with them.

Janamashtami celebration- 03.09.15

  • Activity Nirvana

Krishna Janamashtami was celebrated with sheer enthusiasm. Our toddlers of MI, MII & MIII were dressed up as “lord Krishna” and “Radha” and were looking adorable in their colourful & vibrant costumes. Children enjoyed the story of “Birth of lord Krishna”

Raksha Bandhan & Onam celebration

MI, MII, MIII – 28.08.15

  • SHIS Activities

Onam is the time for pookolam !!!

Our little Shalomites celebrated festival of Onam as they enjoyed the story of King Mahabali.

Raksha Bandhan & Onam celebration

MI, MII, MIII – 28.08.15

  • SHIS Activities

Rakhi a bond of love…..

Children of MI, MII & MIII loved Rakhi making activity and enjoyed the festive celebration in vibrant ethnic wear.

Independence Day (MI, MII, MIII)14.08.15

Let’s honour the patriotism of people who lost their lives
to free India and deepen our love for our country.

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Independence Day was celebrated on 14th August in school. Children of all classes came dressed up as their favourite leader/tri colour attire . Patriotic songs were sung along with role play.

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Green colour day (MI) 7.08.15

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Green, the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, and environment. Green Colour Day was celebrated in the school. Our Little Shalomites came dressed up in green and learnt the concept of colour by various activities.

Helpers day role play(31.07.15)

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Community helpers pretend play ( MII)31.07.15

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Tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (MI,MII,MIII)30.07.15

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Little chef (MI, MII, MIII)24.07.15

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Our little toddlers of MI- MIII became trained Chef who learned to make crunchy crackers for their Mom & Dad.

Experiment- Water a solvent (MIII)15.07.15

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Our young Einsteins are always curious to know Why?. Children enjoyed experimenting the things which dissolve in water and which are not. They added a pinch of salt and sugar in a bowl of water and loved to see it magically disappearing. So they came to know why certain substance dissolved in water.

Cotton Pasting in Ice Cream Cone (MIII)14.07.15

  • SHIS Activities

Children made yummy ice-cream cones to beat the scorching heat of this summer. A portfolio activity made them crave for yummy cone in which they coloured amazingly and pasted cotton .

Yellow colour day (MI)

  • SHIS Activities

Our tiny Shamotiies learnt yellow colour concept

Eid Celebrations (MI, MII, MIII)17.07.15

  • SHIS Activities

Eid the combination of three meaningful words:
E- embrace with open heart
I- inspire with impressive attitude
D-distribute pleasure to all.
Children were dressed up in ethnic wear and were in full swing mood for Eid – Mubarak and did beautiful craft work with crescent moon and dazzling star.

Play & Fun Time

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EARTH DAY ( 22.04.15)

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It's our Earth!
It's our responsibility, to keep it clean.
Earth is the best gift of God to us
let's care for it and save the Green!

To inculcate this feeling for our Mother Earth in the young, blooming minds, we celebrated Earth Day. They promised to grow a plant and care for it, and will keep the surroundings clean and celebrate each and every day as an Earth day. Amazing performances by the students on Earth Day in special assembly by MIII A made it a memorable day!


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It's Baisakhi !
It's harvest season!
May you harvest
all the fruits of your hard work
from previous year
And have fruitful
harvesting ahead.

Our little Shalomites in traditional ethnic dress really brought alive the robust culture and spirit of Punjab through their joyous celebration of Baisakhi. The children enjoyed the famous Punjabi cuisine Makki Di Roti , Saag and Gudd Churri, and tapped their toes to the tune of Punjabi Bhangra. It was a fun activity and the little ones enjoyed it to the fullest.


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Easter marks ‘a new beginning’, so rightfully on such an auspicious occasion, the tiny tots had taken part in a ‘Little Chef activity’. Our little chefs of MI-MIII had a joyful experience while creating their own delicacy with the help of their teachers.

Blue Colour Day celebrations held in Oct’14

  • SHIS Activities
  • SHIS Activities

To highlight a particular colour and its presence and significance in our daily life, Colour Days are celebrated every month. October month has been dedicated to “Colour Blue” and the students of MI, MII & MIII were seen taking part whole heartedly in the colour celebrations as they came to school beautifully dressed in blue attire.

The day progressed with an activity wherein the students dipped their white handkerchief in blue colour water (Robin blue was used) and enjoyed seeing the change in the colour of the handkerchief. The children were made aware of the concept and the wet handkerchiefs were dried after being spread under the fan.

Onam Celebrations held on 9th September’14 in M I- MII

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The students of MI and MII celebrated the harvest festival of Kerala i.e. Onam on 9th September’14 with a lot of fun and frolic. The kids came dressed in traditional attire and were shown a presentation showing how and why Onam is celebrated. The story of king Mahabali was narrated, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed listening to.

They were happy to see the Rangoli design that the teachers had made near the entrance and listened mesmerised to the story about the boat race and different types of dances. Thus, they learnt the significance of festivals and also realized what fun festivals when celebrated together.

The little ones of M I- MIII celebrate Teacher’s Day on 4th September’14

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The students of MI and MII of Shalom Hills International School celebrated Teacher’s Day with much warmth and great zeal on 4th September 2014. The little babies showed the boundless love and high respect they have for their beloved ‘second mothers’ – their teachers by way of the joyous celebrations.

The kids came dressed to the school as their favourite teacher and spoke a few lines about them. They also acted out a teacher’s role in the class for some time. The little babies carried beautiful flowers and cards for their Head-Mistress, Ms. Rohini and their teachers. It was an illumining experience to teach their receptive minds why Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of our second president Dr. Sarvpalli Radhakrishnan.

To add even more fun element to the festivities, the best dressed boy and best dressed girl badges were given to the young fashion divas. Both the teachers and children enjoyed the day activity.

Independence Day Celebrations organized in M I – MIII on 13th August’14

  • Independence Day Celebrations

The children of MI, MII & MIII Classes at Shalom Hills School celebrated “Independence Day” on 13th August 2014 with great fun and enthusiasm. The purpose behind the zealous festivities was to make them familiar about their country “INDIA” and the feeling of patriotism.

The children were asked to dress up like any freedom fighter of their own choice. A special assembly was organised for the children in the basement of the Junior Wing. The children performed a dance on a famous patriotic song with full zeal and fun. A presentation was shown to the children to further develop their patriotic bond with their motherland.


Janmashtami Celebrations held in M I – M III on 12th August’14

  • Janmashtami Celebrations

The children of MI, MII& MIII Classes at Shalom Hills School celebrated “Janmashtami” on “12 August 2014” with great fun and enthusiasm. The little ones learnt about the the birth of “Lord Krishna “ and the traditions associated with Janmashtami.

The children were asked to wear traditional and festive on the day of Janmashtami festivities. They did Matki decoration in class. A Janmashtami set up was created in the assembly area. The children were told about the birth of Lord Krishna. During the day, the children enjoyed swinging the ‘Palki’ and eating ‘Makkhan, thus innocently rejoicing on the birth of Lord Krishna.

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations conducted in M I- M II on 8th August’14

  • Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

The children of MI - MII Classes at Shalom Hills School celebrated “Raksha Bandhan” on 8th August 2014 and through the celebrations, learnt more about the significance of our festivals, particularly Raksha Bandhan.

The children were asked to come to school in ethnic attire. The teachers discussed the significance of Raksha Bandhan festival and why do we celebrate it. The kids decorated rakhis with the help of their teachers. The girls tied the rakhis to their classmates and exchanged sweets with one another. The students realized the importance of sibling love and how they should be supporting and loving them always.

Activities - May- july 2014-15

Shalom Hills School celebrates the beautiful existence of ‘Flora’ & ‘Fauna’ in the world around us.

  • Flora & Fauna
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Flora & Fauna

July being the month of spreading awareness about the need for plantation of more trees, evils of deforestation, the need for conservation and many more social issues, MI, MII & MIII students of Shalom Hills School (Sushant Lok) contributed in their unique way in saving our green environment.

Van Mahotsava conducted in the week (7th-11th July) was an occasion for all students to plant seeds and see them grow. Kids as young as 2 to 5 year old too could understand the process of growing a plant. They all went back home with a common message of planting more and more trees to save the environment. The students of MIII classes also performed a dramatization to spread the social message of saving the green environment, stopping pollution and planting more trees among their peer group.

To create general awareness about the existence of nature in the form of various ‘ Flora’ & ‘Fauna’, the teachers painted their classrooms with depiction of various animals, birds and trees.

To spread the message of environmental conservation among their own parents, the students planted trees along with their parents outside the school during a ‘Plantation Drive’ organized by the school on 25th July for making the vicinity greener.

The theme based party for the month of July had ‘Flora’ and ‘Fauna’ as its theme. The party was held on 31st July and all children were dressed up as butterflies, insects, animals, birds and even trees. To encourage confidence in children and creativity in teachers and parents, Shalom Hills School had organized a Flora and Fauna Competition for its students. It was a platform especially created by M.D Ma’am for the students to get an early exposure to prepare for bigger events & competitions in future. Each and every participant was equally acknowledged and appreciated in the event.

Community Kitchen Activity

  • Van Mahotsava

The children of MI-MII Classes at Shalom Hills School engaged in a “Crunchy Crackers Activity” on 19th and 23rd July’14.

Objectives: to teach fine motor skills (pincer grip), social development & self confidence.

Our little chefs of M I had a joyful experience while making their own version of the savoury ‘Bhelpuri’. With the help of their teachers, they were able to put together diced vegetables like cucumber, onion and tomato.

M II chefs too enjoyed a wonderful experience while making their own delicacy of ‘Crunchy Crackers’ which they prepared with the help of their teachers. They were able to rustle up lovely combination toppings made up of cheese & diced vegetables.

They also shared their crackers with their peer group from the other classes and relished the mouth-watering preparations together. Some of the kids were also seen pointing out the advantages of vegetables used in the toppings.

Pre-Primary students of M I- M III celebrate Van Mahotsava

  • Van Mahotsava

Van Mahotsava is an annual tree-planting festival in India, celebrated in the month of July.

This movement was initiated in the year 1950 by India's then Union Minister for Agriculture, Dr. K. M Munshi. Since then, the festival has gained immense national importance and every year, millions of saplings are planted all across India in observation of the Van Mahotsav week.

The Pre-Primary students at Shalom Hills School (Sushant Lok) celebrated the week in the school from 7th July-11th July’14 with great enthusiasm and keenness to do their bit for Mother Earth. With their tiny hands, the little ones planted life inside the soil as they planted seeds of different vegetables. This was not just one-act responsibility or lip service in name of tree plantation. Each class has taken its responsibility towards tree-plantation further on by adopting each seed/sapling. Every class is now taking care of each plantation by nurturing them with water and manure.

The children displayed the art & craft work created by them from recycled material and discarded items. A ‘Best from Waste’ corner was created in every class to display such art work.

As part of the festivities, one day, the students came dressed up in green coloured attires along with the staff members. All joined in the celebrations going on in the garden area.

The festival engendered in the students’ minds and hearts an awareness of the need of planting saplings and importance of tending to trees, as trees are one of the best ways to prevent global warming and reduce pollution. Hurrah to all the babies of M I- M III as they joined hands to celebrate Van Mahotsava as a festival of life!

Skit performed as part of Van Mahotsav celebrations

  • Skit

In Shalom Hills School, the Van Mahotsav celebrations were not only limited to the plantation of saplings but they also served as an effective means/day to spread awareness about social issues such as deforestation, soil erosion, increase in pollution levels, conservation and need to reduce & recycle. The students of MIII performed a skit based on all the above mentioned topics. Many students conveyed powerful social messages with such conviction that they impressed and inspired all their class mates and teachers alike.

Yellow Colour Day

The children of MI & MII Classes at Shalom Hills School celebrated “Yellow Colour Day” on 11th July, the designated day for celebrating “Yellow Colour Day”.

The objective behind the day’s festivities was to introduce the children to the yellow colour and help them to identify the common objects associated with this vibrant colour. The children were asked to wear yellow coloured dresses. In the classrooms, the teachers showed them the pictures as well as real objects of yellow colour like banana mango, sunflower etc. They did free hand colouring with yellow colour and the teachers had given a batch of yellow mango at the end of the day.

Our shining ‘Sunflowers’ enjoyed the yellow colour day to the fullest.

Science Experiment – I am a Dentist carried out in M I – MII classes

To make the students understand the importance of maintaining oral hygiene, the babies of MI-MII classes at Shalom Hills School were engaged in a Science experiment aptly and interestingly titled ‘I am a Dentist’ on 10th July.

Since our teeth are made up a similar content as egg shells, the same were used for the experimentation. During the experiment, the students were asked to soak egg shells in glasses filled with cold drink and milk separately. When the egg shells were taken out of the liquids, the one in the cold drink was stained with black colour. The teacher told the reason behind the same to the children and, later on explained about oral hygiene to them. By building up on the observations and outcome of the experiment, the teacher also guided the little ones on how to take care of their teeth and save them from decay. The students were very enthusiastic while engaging in the experiment.

The teachers repeated the thumbnail rules of dental hygiene - to take care of their teeth by brushing twice a day, by eating healthy food, drinking milk and consuming lots of healthy fluids/juices. The little ones were told to spread the word to everyone they meet.

Activities - May 2014-15

Caterpillar Crawl Activity carried out in M I on 7th May'14

Children of M1 at Shalom Hills School made a delightful sight as they took part in the Caterpillar Crawl activity on 7th May. The activity was a deeply meaningful one besides being a fun one as it was taken up with the objectives of ensuring Kinaesthetic Learning & Gross Motor Development as well as imparting knowledge about insects. The children developed a natural empathy towards other living creatures.

By way of the activity, the teachers' dramatized a story about a caterpillar and his habitat. They also shared interesting facts about the process of metamorphosis - how a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly.

The children were asked to come in green colour dresses and motivated to act like a caterpillar. They enjoyed crawling like a caterpillar under the setup which was created by their teachers.

Theme Party - Helpers held on 16th May'14

The children of MI-MIII Classes at Shalom Hills School celebrated "Theme Party - Helpers" on 16th May by way of a special assembly which was conducted on the occasion.

16th May being the last working day for the kids, the school had organized a theme party related to the helpers. The kids came dressed up as helpers such as a milkman, a delivery boy, a teacher, a postman, a soldier, a doctor, or a nurse etc. They were very excited. They spoke a few lines according to their roles.

Later on, the little ones danced with their friends and teachers and enjoyed sharing party food.

The objective of the activity which was to develop the nature of helping each other by the introduction of few helpers and to build up a realization of importance of various helpers and their work was fully accomplished through the day's celebrations and theme party.

M I - M III celebrate Lemonade party on 15th May'14

The children of MI - MII classes at Shalom Hills School celebrated "Lemonade party" on 15th May 2014 with great fun and enthusiasm. The objective of the activity was to learn something new with one's peer group while building up their cache of words, at the same time.

The children were asked to get lemon, sugar, salt, glasses and straw from their homes. The teachers demonstrated the way a glass of lemonade can be made. The children followed the instructions and procedure and made their own glass of lemonade with the help of their teachers and friends. They learned new words such as - squeeze, stir, add, lemonade, lemon, and seed etc.

Rain dance party organized for MIII babies on 5th and 7th May'14

To add to the summer fun and beat the summer blues, a riotous RAIN DANCE PARTY was organized for the M III students on 5th & 7th May 2014.

A day full of fun, merriment, and the unforgettable experience of rain dancing was arranged for the M III Shalomites. Adding to the fun quotient were the balls, umbrellas, tiaras and cool sprinkles of water. The children danced on the latest Bollywood numbers, sang along to their hearts' content, splashed about and relished the party snacks with their friends.

Indeed it was one of the most joyful experience!

Student Activities SHS - April 2014-15

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